This Remarkable Snooker Woman Does Something You Wouldn’t Believe

After a four year break from competitive amateur snooker in northern Ireland, female snooker player Stephanie Coyle hopes to get back to the cut and thrust and hopefully someday play on the World Disability Snooker tour.  The 30-year-old has a visual impairment but originally played on the Northern Irish amateur circuit, and has even played against Mark … Read more

Today’s Inspirational Snooker Characters: Introducing David “Delboy” Church

For some, playing snooker is a passion. For others, it’s a profession. And who says there are no inspirational characters in the game today? Here’s one who plays on the World Disability Snooker tour… For David Delboy Church, 22, from Norwich, playing snooker he said was an escape. An escape from the pain and suffering … Read more