Snooker Needs to be Sexier, Says Champion Lithuanian Coach…


LITHUANIAN snooker coach Vilius Schulte has told SnookerZone that snooker needs to become sexier to attract a mass of younger audiences globally. The 26-year-old European coach, with 4 Lithuanian Snooker Championships to his name, who mainly coaches in Lithuania and around the world online, said that eventually, the traditions of the game such as the … Read more

Well-respected snooker coach scoops local award…

Tim Dunkley

Tim Dunkley has scooped a local coaching award for snooker in Hampshire, in the UK.   The 62-year-old coach at Chandlers Ford picked up Performance Coach of the Year on Monday at Eastleigh’s Sport and Physical Activity Alliance (SPAA). Dunkley, a well-respected coach on the Cuestars amateur circuit, (and a coach who SnookerZone has already … Read more

How to Improve Snooker Potting: #1 Mistake Beginners Make

  If there’s one question that is asked frequently in snooker’s frequently asked questions online, it’s how to improve snooker potting! When SnookerZone first started playing seriously well over three years ago, the obsession with potting was one of the things that prevented him from improving much faster. Don’t let the mindset of the obsession … Read more