How to conquer milestones, and feel less pressure…

Snooker players who are struggling…

Often lack three key ingredients in achieving success.

The Balls
Chris Henry’s The Balls will help a player to train the brain into getting the player to aim and deliver at the point on the cue ball where he intends through continuous practice of doing it over and over again.

They are:

Confidence. Motivation. And the right guidance and coaching and tools to implement improvement.

Sunday night saw Dave Lewis at Pro Am Snooker UK interview the top snooker coach Chris Henry.

Chris Henry has been coaching players in snooker and seen lots of players achieve success through his time as a coach…

Henry is a coach to the stars both past and present and future such as the likes of Shaun Murphy, Peter Ebdon, James Cahill, and more.

His specialty is mind coaching and getting players to confront their demons and overcome them using special routines that trick the brain into believing what is happening is normal, habitual.

Just like Henry’s The Balls product, the more times you do something, the more the brain will come to view it as normal.

In the two hours lengthy interview, Henry talked about one facet of a snooker player’s game – as well as other things.

Belief in themselves, or lack of it.

He told Lewis: “What is motivation. What does it mean? Let’s break it down. Motive. The reason to want to do something.”

Here’s an important exercise to practice in helping to relieve pressure in a certain situation that will help you achieve your goals quicker…

We all want to beat our highest break and we all get nervous when we’re about to achieve a milestone or when we are on the verge of achieving something special.

Henry said the trick was to practice achieving your said milestone in practice and imagine you achieve that milestone again and again so it becomes habitual and less nerve-racking.

Henry gave the example of a top snooker player on the tour. Shaun Murphy couldn’t finish off a 147 when on the final colours, because of the nerves and the pressure. He was having trouble potting the final yellow on the break.

The special exercise…

Henry said the best way to tackle that fear was to set up a few balls in practice and imagine you’re on the last pots of the break and you’re very near beating your highest break. Once you do it again and again and build up confidence, you will become much better at coping with it in a pressured environment.

This exercise can apply to any level of snooker player. Not just professionals.

Do it again and again until it is no longer a fear, but a pleasure.

Chris Henry also talked about his relatively new product The Balls, which has had much coverage since their release.

Watch the Henry interview below…

Michael Waring of kindly wrote a review of The Balls for this website SnookerZone.

Read Michael’s verdict here now: 



Chris Henry’s The Balls: Review by Michael Waring…

SnookerZone will get to review Chris Henry’s The Balls soon…

However, a friend and amateur league snooker player Michael Waring, founder of  who lives 30 miles from Carlisle in Cumbria, kindly agreed to post a review of Chris Henry’s The Balls as he had recently purchased them out of curiosity.

Although Michael has only been working with them for a few weeks, they must have had some kind of impact on his game.

On Sunday, he told SnookerZone he had reached the semi-finals of his monthly handicap tournament at the Portland Snooker Club.

He added there are/were some very good players who attend the monthly competitions there.

So well done to Michael on his achievement.

Watch The Balls featured on the BBC at the UK Championship in 2019

At the UK Championships last year, there was a big feature about The Balls with the six-times World Champion Steve Davis who hooked up with Henry to find out more..

And Chris Henry is renowned for his psychological approach to coaching with players.

CLICK to watch the feature below AND then read Michael’s review after:

Get them here now

Chris Henry’s The Balls: Review by Michael Waring…

When I first heard about “The Balls” I will admit to being sceptical.

The Balls
Are you striking the ball where you intend? The Balls will show you if you are or not…(photo courtesy of Michael Waring)

However, I saw lots of professionals using them and saw more and more about them on the internet and social media. Eventually, curiosity got the better of me and I bought a set.

Now, I am not what anyone would describe as a great snooker player. I’m 63 years old and what I would call club standard. If I make a 50 break, I’m over the moon – my highest ever being 58. I do feel that there is still time for me to improve though, so I’m always open to ideas.

When I first tried The Balls I wasn’t surprised when it showed me I wasn’t actually hitting the cue ball where I was intending. But the simplicity of Chris’s accompanying videos has already helped me to correct this. I’m only two weeks into using them and I am convinced that they will make a difference. My only regret now is that I didn’t buy them sooner.

Who is Chris Henry?

Chris Henry is a sports coach who teaches modern psychology and philosophy in a straightforward and understandable format. His clients include world snooker champions Stephen Hendry, Shaun Murphy and Mark Selby along with many other top professionals in snooker and golf.

Learn more now

What are The Balls exactly?

A red and a white that are roughly 10% of the weight of regular snooker balls. Oh yes, and they are weighted by having slightly thicker plastic in one part to give them a slightly heavier spot. This weight, being offset, is what makes The Balls unique.

What do The Balls do?

When you hit a ball, either the white with a cue or the red with a normal cue ball, they exaggerate any off-centre contact. Hit the cue ball with any unintended side, and the offset weight will mean it will not travel towards your intended target. Hit the red anywhere other than the correct contact point and the resulting error will be magnified by the offset weight in the red.

What will The Balls help correct?

This is the clever part of Chris’s system. By continually using The Balls, you will re-train your ‘visual cortex’ (the part of your brain that understands what you are looking at) so that, without changing the mechanics of your cue action, you will eventually hit the correct place.

If you think you are hitting the centre of the ball, but aren’t, move your aim. You will eventually discover where the centre is and what it looks like when lining up the shot. The accompanying videos and exercises explain this in more detail and are very easy to understand.

Are The Balls worth the money?

They are not an instant cure for aiming or striking problems, but I believe they can help if used correctly. The routines and assessments will highlight any areas for improvement and help you measure progress.

Overall, I think, yes, they are worth the money.

The snooker Youtube channel Break from Life also reviewed The Balls as well. Here is his take on it…


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Thanks to Michael for posting his review and here is a link to his Snookerhub website below…