The great amateur snooker debate – Part 1

Wednesday night, a Facebook live webinar was held discussing top amateur snooker. The main topics were how to improve the two top main events on the amateur circuit – the Challenge Tour and World Snooker Tour’s QSchool. The two-hour webinar had players, fans, and people who have been involved in some way in amateur snooker, … Read more

A Challenge Worth the While?

  The World Snooker Challenge tour is a series of events that have been played over a period of months this season as its inaugural addition to the calendar. Designed as a kind of experiment to see how many of the maximum of 64 amateurs would jump on board and enter, the amateur tour running … Read more

Snooker: Thunder Robertson Rumbles in Riga – Again


Last weekend was a packed weekend of snooker as the new 2018/19 season kicked off with Neil Robertson claiming his second Riga Masters title in three years.  The former 2010 World Champion saw off the talented Jack “Lightning” Lisowski in the final 5 – 2 – and on route to the win made a 117 in … Read more