Strength is…

A poem about what makes us ALL strong – NEVER let others tell you, you’re not…

In whatever you’re doing, your inner strength comes from your heart and mind. You do the right thing for yourself, and not others. 

Strength is about knowing when to come out,

Strength is about knowing when to speak about,

Strength is knowing how to deal with something that knocks you for six.

Strength is finding the courage to know who to talk to.

Strength is being able to understand those who don’t understand you.

Strength is knowing when you’ve overdone it and feel burnt out.

Strength is being able to rest without feeling Shame or doubts.

Strength is knowing that you won’t be judged if you don’t speak out,

Strength is being able to deal with the pain you feel inside,

Strength is being able to not be judged and freely cry, and cry, and cry,

Strength is dealing with those who may mock you for who they think you are,

Strength is knowing that you are one of a kind in the world and we are all stars,

Strength is knowing when to put up a fight,

Strength is being able to observe others and observe their might,

Strength is reaching out hands of love to those who need and deserve them most,

Strength is about making sure you trust others when they reach out to you,

Strength comes from knowing yourself and who you are,

Strength is about not thinking about what others think and you reach for your own bars.

Strength is understanding your surroundings and observing them well,

Strength has no time to dwell,

Strength is about getting up from a fall,

Strength is about holding your head high and standing tall.

Strength is about lying down and thinking how to deal with something,

Strength is about regretting nothing,

Strength in numbers, but there’s only one you,

Strength is knowing that your mind is strong too,

Never think you’re not strong,

Never let others tell you you’re right or wrong,

Strength is knowing that those who love you are strong too,

Strength in numbers from those who love you will make you feel less blue,

Be strong for yourself. Look after yourself.

And others may come to you.

Be strong. Be you. Don’t apologize for who you are.

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Chris Gaynor

Chris Gaynor is a writer with 10 years' experience writing for the web. He loves snooker, CSI and loves cycling off tiramisu!