Stepping In to New Levels in Huddersfield…

Snooker players applaud owner Kevin Ellis’s new venue in Huddersfield – Levels…


Levels isn’t just a snooker club. Why not pop in and have a bite to eat in their restaurant-cum-bar?

A new venue in Huddersfield held its first Pro-Am snooker event last weekend to a packed group of eager snooker players itching to see the place for the first time since opening. 

52 top amateurs turned up to Levels to see the new top-notch venue, the brainchild of snooker fan and businessman Kevin Ellis.

These included the likes of Keighley’s Rebecca Kenna (see the SnookerZone interview here with her), who is also about to fulfill a snooker dream of playing at the Crucible this week at the Women’s Tour Championship 2019 as part of the Rockit World Seniors Championships.

Rebecca reached the semi-finals of the Pro-Am.

Although the venue Levels is not predominantly pitched as a snooker club in the traditional sense of the word, lots of snooker will be played there in the next few months, and years to come.

It’s already sponsoring professional Sam Craigie and will be holding a QSchool qualifier in October.

Said Kevin Ellis, 39, about his feelings on hosting his first Pro-Am as a venue business owner: “Very proud.”

He added: “It was absolutely top-notch to see such a talented field of 52 runners turning out for our first one.”

Exciting Times Ahead for Levels as it plans to ramp up its promotion…

The club is also planning to join the long list who have signed up to the English Partnership for Snooker and Billiards’s 147 club scheme, an elite list of members who receive extra benefits from the EPSB to help promote their venues.

Ellis further said: “We are a forward-thinking venue, with a number of ideas and exciting plans. Coaching, competitions, player development and management being just a few.”

He added: “Very exciting times ahead.”

Former professional Simon Bedford beat Leo Fernandez in the final and won the Pro-Am – bagging the £250 first prize.

The first ever winner at Levels said on Facebook after: “Over the moon to win pro-am at levels today👍 just wanna say a massive thanks to Kev Ellis Stuart Gothard and their staff for a warm welcome and hospitality 😁😁😁 .The club is looking different class and I’m sure it will be a massive success to everyone involved 🥂
See you all soon 😘.”

Ellis remarked also after: “Huge huge thanks to everybody who made the effort. All games were played in the best of spirits and the compliments on the venue and tables were flowing. Met and chatted with some top-notch folk. Thankyou again. Hopefully, see you at the next one!

Finalist Fernandez added: ” First class venue. Really lovely staff and obviously well done Simon Bedford. A class player and always has been… #goodtimes#lovesnooker 😎👍.”

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