Sports Scouts Using AI to Track Talented Young Future Stars…

Sports Scouts Using AI to Track Talented Young Future Stars…

MODERN TECHNOLOGY is helping top football clubs such as Chelsea track down future stars using AI and mobile apps.

The app aiScout is one such app that tests the skills of young players who are keen to make it to professional football clubs such as Chelsea.

Said Joao Mendes Mitrada, the Tech Specialist: “aiScout represents a significant advancement in democratising access to the professional football world. By allowing young talents to undergo virtual trials for professional clubs, we are opening doors and creating opportunities for those who dream of pursuing a career in sports.

There are 75 carefully designed exercises which test skills such as passing, running with the ball, speed & accuracy as well as other tests.

The app is designed to be used fairly, but is used in conjunction with real human talent scouts who can then gain an overall assessment of whether that young player has the potential to train with a top football club.

Burnley and Chelsea are already using this in addition to their human talent scouts.

Richard Felton Thomas, the Chief Operations Officer of the company behind aiScout says the platform is revolutionising the scouting process saving time and money.

Promising talent Ben Greenwood, 17, secured a trial with Chelsea after using the app and submitting a video of his performance. Greenwood now signed with Bournemouth.

Beyond football, the company is exploring how aiScout can be developed with other sports, as well as branching out into other sectors including health and the military.

Mendes-Mirada added: “The Artificial Intelligence embedded in the aiScout app does not replace the expertise of scouts but compliments their work. We provide tools that streamline the scouting process, allowing human professionals to make informed decisions based on the accurate and objective data.”

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Maybe this app aiScout could be developed and used to track players from social clubs and other snooker settings as well as snooker clubs. The big problem with snooker is not everyone has a snooker table in their home, so there is no way to determine whether a player has talent or not or not or event knows about the kind of apps on the market.

Here at SnookerZone, we try to track down the tools that may help those that may not know about what’s on the market for their progress.

Not everyone has access to a snooker coach either.

That’s why SnookerZone’s Chris Gaynor has interviewed a few coaches as a way of telling people who is around for coaching.

Imagine the many social clubs where players are playing and not using any form of apps to track their progress but also allowing scouts to assess?…

There might be leverage in it, though for aiScout for snooker in future

Cuestars has a similar Academy style program online which is OPEN to all players of all abilities and this writer/journalist has interviewed John Hunter and seen the Cuestars in action, as well as played in the Cuestars over-40s tournaments, as well as others at Woking.


However, any additional technology and process to find and seek out players of all abilities is welcome. This could be used in addition to Cuestars and help grow #Grassroots #Snooker.

From the Professional Football Scouting Association website:

The PFSA boasts the UK’s largest independent Scouting Network with over 750 PFSA Certified football scouts covering in the region of 50 fixtures a week for clubs in the Football and Non-League.

The Scouting Network bridges the gap between education and employment by providing experience within first-team football.


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