“Something Needs to Change at Club Level” says Award Winning Actress…

“Something Needs to Change at Club Level” says Award Winning Actress…

AWARD WINNING ACTRESS Deeivya Meir will appear in a gritty new snooker film Breaking the Triangle – a script close to her heart.

The actress, writer, and producer, who has starred in films such as Ghostbusters, and the Life of Pi on stage, and also in TV dramas such as The Bill and EastEnders, has teamed up with award-winning director Marc Zammit for the short film promotion which was filmed in Romford Snooker Club – that used to be the Home of former six-times World Champion Steve Davis.

She told SnookerZone’s Chris Gaynor in an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW that the film’s aim was to show the legitimacy of the game.

In her film, the game is a character all on its own – and she said it was ironic that choosing a club like Romford steeped in snooker history was the ideal venue to play the production.

Dee, born to Guyanese and Indian parents, played snooker with her dad and sisters and other family members since childhood  – but recently went back to her club after a 15-year break. Her idea for the script was sparked when she was being observed, corrected, and commented on when playing.

“I decided to write a script about it, she said.”

She likes watching snooker on TV and on Youtube, and said: “I watch all snooker and am addicted to Stephen Hendry’s Youtube Channel – that’s actually how I found out about the Romford Snooker Club where we filmed the majority of Breaking the Triangle.

“I do watch the women’s game (mainly on YouTube) and aspired to play as well as them – what’s great about making a film about a sport is that I get to immerse myself and play all the time because I am prepping my character and I want the snooker in the film to be as genuine as possible.”

When asked if she had encountered exclusion in sport, Dee said because of her physicality – she had struggled to be taken seriously sometimes. Her next script is going to be about Basketball, as that was also a major part of her childhood. She’s got 7 scripts in the pipeline…

She adds: “I mean, there was a time when women weren’t allowed in snooker clubs – that’s the obvious one, but the indirect or concealed element of exclusion from being treated the same as everyone else who wants to play snooker – and that lack of respect can come from people watching your game telling you how to play, re-racking your balls, even if they are not on your table! YES. That was a recent event that took place.”

“I definitely think something needs to change at club level – but I don’t know what that is yet. I love my script as it’s a microcosm of society as a whole. – so once we figure that question out, we will have solved world problems!”

She has been coached by Sean O’Sullivan, and met the Legend Alex Higgins at the airport once and had a chat.

Breaking the Triangle is a metaphor for outsiders who don’t fit into the norms of the world they wish to be a part of.

It is expected to be out at festivals only at present.


Imagine being Snookered before the games even begun.

Breaking the Triangle is a poignant story about a naturally talented,
ethnic woman, whose passion for Snooker burns brighter than the
obstacles in her path.  Inspired by the magic from a young age and
eager to break into the competitive world of professional Snooker, she
continues to practice in the dark corners of the club, protecting
herself from intangible realities of traditionalism within the game.
But if she wants to fulfil her destiny, she’ll have to find the
courage to come out of the shadows and face her challengers. The only
problem is, her challengers are not only external but have become
internal as well!

The protagonist, played by Dee, not only has external critics but also her internal ones.

As Steve Davis once said, if you can play like it means nothing, when it means everything, that’s when you’ve accomplished new heights.

Marc Zammit has over 50 projects and his Directorial Debut Homeless Ashes was a true testament to his skills and dedication for directing.

They have raised so far through the project well over £1000 in crowdfunding to get the film produced.

In 2020, this website reviewed the film Break (below), that starred the Main Tour Superstar Jack Lisowski.

There are a few other films about snooker and pool. The Hustler, The Colour of Money, Turn the River, which is also about a woman trying to fit into the pool world of hustling, and many more.



Deeivya Meir’s Bio from Image Movies, Database site…

Deeivya Meir, is a British born actor, living in London and LA, to Guyanese-Indian parents. She is a multi-talented Actress, Singer, Voice Artist, Writer and Producer. On screen she is known for Roadkill (2020) Manhunt (2019) The Feed (2019). On stage she is known for hit shows such as ‘Coram Boy’ (National Theatre) and the West End hit ‘Life of PI’ (Wyndham’s Theatre) Deeivya is also known for Voicing Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter Video Game and the Bafta award winning Divinity Original Sin II. Deeivya was awarded the prestigious Norman Beaton Radio Drama Award in 2010 which was a special honour for Meir, given her Guyanese heritage, and her connection to the legacy of Norman Beaton, a fellow Guyanese actor celebrated for his contributions to the world of theatre and broadcasting.

Thanks to Dee and Marc Zammit for the photos…