SnookerZone’s Hot Date with a Snooker Cue Tip Press…

Snooker Cue Tip Compressors: Want to dabble in pressing tips? It’s all about experimentation…

As snooker players, we pride ourselves on the equipment we use. 

The snooker cue is an extension of our cue arm and our “best buddy” we carry around in a nice protective case with all the other stuff that goes with it.

But, also, a snooker tip is a pride and joy to a snooker player.

Most snooker players will go through a phase of trying out as many tips on the market as they can physically get their hands on.


Others will immediately know a tip they like and just stick to it.

But for snooker tips, it’s not just about soft, hard, or medium. It’s about the shape and the way it looks and feels to an individual snooker player that will give him/her that satisfaction on the table.

Shaping a snooker tip is personal preference. There is no right or wrong.

Some players like a well-domed tip. Others like a slightly less rounded tip. Some like to see a slight overhang when fitting. Others like the tip to be exact on the ferrule and trim the excess off.

If you missed our article on how to stick on a cue tip in 7 simple steps, then head here…

Whichever way, it’s up to you and it’s your job to make the tip work for you.

We’ve already told you about how to get the best out of your snooker tip through using the great TIP PIK TOOL.

We’ve already explained the benefits of a SNOOKER CUE TIP BURNISHER and why use one.

Now, it’s time for a date with another product.


We’ve already explained in the SnookerZone tip reviews we’ve reviewed so far, that there is no perfect tip out there, only one that’s perfect for you. Once you get a feel for different tips, you’ll discover the “one” that’s right for you.

Think of exploring snooker tips like going on dates. You have to get through a few before you find the “one”. Seldom do you find “the one” straight away!

You may even want to  try a second or third time before you’re totally head over heels!


Now we come to a product on the market that we’d like to introduce you to!

It’s an old-fashioned product, but it’s one that beginners to the game should know about.

At SnookerZone we’re here to educate, inform and advise, based on our experiences.


Yes, this product presses tips. If you’ve got a tip that’s flat (some are), then you may want to press it a little to get some shape to it before sanding it: start pressing, by clicking here. 

There are many of these on the market. For the more tech-savvy among you, you may want to explore the more expensive ones but if you’re just wanting to dabble in tip pressing to see what it’s all about, then the one in the pic here is fine.

We’re not going to go into great detail about how it works. It’s simple enough.

You center your tip into the dome shape part (see pic above) and wind the other part of the press until you can feel the tip squeezed. Be careful not to squeeze really tight. And remember to center it as it may end up uneven!

For best results, leave the tip in the press for a while before unwinding. Grab a coffee or go and do the shopping!!

You should start to see the tip taking on a different shape and more rounded. It’ll look more played in due to compression.

This is not the end of the process, though…

Once it has a bit of a shape to it, you’ll need to maybe finely sand the tip and use the TIP  PIK TOOL to ensure chalk grips the tip better.


The pros…

  • Easy to use
  • Can be inexpensive
  • Will help you discover your ideal shape of tip you want for future reference…

The Cons…

  • In the modern era of snooker tips, most are already shaped to some degree. Some do not need pressing for shaping. Some just need pressing for playing in such as Elks or Blue Diamonds. The more modern tips do not need playing in.
  • Only useful if there is a very flat tip that needs compressing/shaping.
  • You need to experiment with it to get the pressing right!


Start practicing pressing your own tips today, click here now!

PS: Soon SnookerZone will be reviewing the new “custom” made G5 snooker tip from Century Pro Cue Tips. Stay tuned…





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