SnookerZone’s 3 Scoops in Woking News…

SnookerZone’s 3 Scoops in Woking News…

SNOOKERZONE Creator and writer/journalist Chris Gaynor’s interview with WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson, the results of the Byfleet League, and the exciting new event the Woking Shootout 2024, which is provisionally dated for the 17th of next month, are all in the Woking News and Mail this week.

The Byfleet League results appear to have come in early this week.

SnookerZone has reported on Woking C since the days of Captain Ivan Astin and with four weeks to go, the team is in the mid-table of Div 1 with Woking B likely soaring into the winner’s enclosure with at least a 30-plus gap. As reported here and in the Mail, the record has already been overtaken of 22. It’s just a question of how big the gap will be.

Congratulations to Woking B on what WILL will be a RAMPANT win this season. The story of the biggest gap margin continues until February  22nd.

Woking C drew on Thursday to Walton Comrades 3 – 3.


Premier Division…

Sunninghill are racing into the lead in the PD on 75 points.

Woking D, who has the 900 star and World Women’s No 15 Jasmine Bolsover, are bottom of the table. Woking R are a point in front of them as it appears on the Byfleet website.

Woking A, who has the 900 star Ryan Mears, is mid-table and drew on Thursday to Windlesham Club.

Woking D unfortunately lost to top team Sunninghill Comrades and were whitewashed 6 – 0.

Woking R lost 4 – 2 to Egham B.


SEE the Byfleet League website for FULL RESULTS and other news…






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