SNOOKERZONE Training Aid Review: Pro Shot Training Glove…

SNOOKERZONE Training Aid Review: Pro Shot Training Glove…

In snooker…

One of the big issues players have is the delivery of the grip hand and the grip.

Some players (and SnookerZone has done it himself) sometimes twist the wrist (for me, it was a lot) on delivery when delivering the cue.

Some professionals do this, like Judd Trump, for example, but in the coaching textbook, it is advised against.

This is where the Pro-Shot Training glove comes in.

The Pro Shot Glove is easy to strap on…

How does the Pro-Shot Glove work?

With this glove, you can perfect the perfect grip delivery of the cue, AND make sure the wrist is in place in the correct delivery position.

The glove is simple to use.

Many pool players are using this glove for practice but it can be used for all cue sports…

Pool trickshot artist Florian Kohler had this to say:

“I just purchased the Pro-Shot Glove this week & after having practiced at least 20 hours with it, I just wanted to congratulate you on the good work!”

“I am a trick shot artist & also an artistic carom player so I am really concerned about having the perfect stroke. This glove really helped me to lock my hand into position & also get a looser grip this week. Another interesting point is it also helped me for masse shots! I was really amazed, sincerely!”

All you have to do is strap the glove onto the edge part of the wrist before the hand, and make sure it’s tight enough so that your hand doesn’t move.

Then, all you need to do is play shots as you would normally, and you will feel the tightness of the glove as it keeps your grip hand in place.

SnookerZone has been using the glove throughout lockdown, and now for two weeks on the table since back at Woking, since the lockdowns, and believes it is a useful muscle memory tool to use to ensure you don’t twist the wrist too much.

Some players do twist their wrist a tiny bit, but as long as it doesn’t pull the cue offline, then it’s OK.

How quickly will I improve with the Pro-Shot glove?

Well, like all training aids reviewed here on SnookerZone, it all depends on how much time you spend practicing with the tools. Our job here at SnookerZone is to show you what’s out there, and to let you know if it’s worthy or not. The rest is up to you.

If you are having problems with grip and delivery, then this training aid is worth it.

One thing we recommend though when practicing with this tool.

Practice a FULL session with it on.

Then, in your next session, see how you get on without it.

And see if your grip has improved.

Rinse and repeat.

But you have to practice extensively with these tools over a period of time to see the benefit.

SnookerZone will give you an updated progress report on this training aid when we’ve used it a bit more on the snooker table.


The Pro-Shot Glove is on Ebay or Amazon.



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