SnookerZone to Co-Sponsor Cuestars U-21 Event at Woking…

SnookerZone to Co-Sponsor Cuestars U-21 Event at Woking… will co-sponsor the Under-21 Cuestars event to be held at Woking Snooker Centre on Sunday, December 5th starting at 10:30AM.

Hoff Aviation and SnookerZone, both living relatively close to the area of Woking, will team up to help support a worthwhile community venture such as Cuestars, which gives players of all ages, and talented youngsters particularly, the chance to compete in friendly but competitive snooker club tournament environments across the south of England.

The business, based at Fairoaks Airport, just outside Woking, Hoff Aviation, specializes in bespoke helicopter training and the ultimate helicopter gift experience. It is ideal for those looking to give a unique present experience that their loved ones will cherish forever.

And, it’s the perfect gift to give someone for the Christmas holidays in 2021 and beyond!

A representative of Hoff Aviation, said: “We are always happy to support local events and worthwhile causes in our area.”


John Hunter and Tim Dunkley have run the Cuestars events for many years and are both qualified snooker coaches and very good players in their own right, with John Hunter having made a 147.

Hunter, now 48, recalled on the Cuestars site: “I started to hold team competitions between the different kids clubs and then eventually I started to form a competition structure, which would be on Sundays. Because the junior side was so good, grown-up players wanted the same.”

Cuestars was set up with a government enterprise allowance grant. It grew to between 15-20 sections helped by Dave Norman and Ron Knight. When Knight retired, Norman bought Stoke Snooker Club from him.

Hunter said: “They were very helpful. Dave, at Swindon, was fantastic. And Ron did a brilliant kids club in Gosport.

There have been great successes with the grassroots snooker enterprise over the years, with good players turning professional, having learned their craft from the many events on offer. Billy Castle and Jamie Wilson are two such examples.

It’s the first time that Woking Snooker Centre has hosted a Cuestars event since 2016.

SnookerZone and Hoff Aviation wish all those competing on the day, all the best…

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