SnookerZone Tip Review: PowerGlide Snooker Tips…

SnookerZone Tip Review: PowerGlide Snooker Tips…

POWERGLIDE has been making sports products for well over five decades.


And also been at the forefront of snooker innovations for a while in snooker cues et al.

With news that the company will be sponsoring the English Partnership for Snooker and Billiards’s Junior Snooker Tour programmes, SnookerZone decided to take their tips out for a test drive.

Speaking about the sponsorship deal, PowerGlide Product Manager Kelly Vining told the EPSB: “Here at PowerGlide, we are delighted with our partnership with the EPSB, its competitions, and the 147 Club!  We look forward to supporting the many talented junior summer club players.”

PowerGlide make two kinds of snooker tips. The PowerGlide standard tips and the Powerglide premiums. We have both, so we can compare.

These are similar to Elks.

The standards are very cheap if you hunt around.

They could be considered the equivalent of Elkmasters. They may well be good for beginners looking for something similarly cheap other than Elks. The only problem with Elks is you never know what you’re going to get in a box. SnookerZone has tried Elks before and we weren’t always getting good tips in a box!

We got them for around £3.00 on Ebay where you get four in a pack. 

A PowerGlide Standard tip on an old cue…

The Premiums are a tiny more expensive at around £8 for two tips – but compared to others – it’s a good price.

We will update this post with a FULL review of the standards soon, but, over the weekend, we took the Premiums out for a run to see what the verdict is. Here it is.


Although these are Premium tips, they are certainly affordable and compared to other premium tips on the market, they won’t break the bank.

We got the medium/hard variety because we like the feel of a slightly harder tip. These were actually a nice feel, not too soft, and not too hard. If you remember, we tried the new AP Exotic tip extra-hard and that really was a rock.

If you are someone who likes a slightly harder tip, but still want a bit of “feel” then these are for you. As we repeat, these are also very reasonably priced.

  1. Were they easy to trim? 

Yes. These tips were a delight to trim and put on.

2) Do they hold their shape well? 

Yes. These stood well over four hours of play and held their shape well.

3) How was chalk on them? 

Glygen Contact
Glygen Contact performs well on most tips as much of it sticks to the tip area meaning you don’t have to keep coating…

We used Glygen Contact chalk on them, and the chalk held well. In fact, SnookerZone found that we were going for 5 shots in a row at one point in our sessions and didn’t even need to chalk. We were still getting a lot of grip on the ball to produce spin. Glygen contact is one of the few chalks that can hold well and not have to chalk after every shot.

It’s in the same league as Russian Magic and Taom Pyro.

4) Did we want to take them off? 

No. The sign of a good tip is if you feel reluctant to take it off because you like the feel. SnookerZone can honestly say we liked the feel of these and didn’t want to remove them from our main snooker cue.

5) Are they affordable compared to others? 

Yes – indeed. As we say, if you compare some of the other premium tips on the market, these are very well priced. We recommend these if you’re on a budget but want to upgrade from Elks or other cheaper style-produced tips.

These are as good as the recent Taylor Made Tips that SnookerZone has reviewed, here. 

You now have a choice on two very good premium but affordable brands of tips…

There are so many tips on the market. With SnookerZone, you now have no excuse not to know what tips are out there and what ones could be ideal for you. We try them so you can make an informed decision on what you might be looking for.

Remember, we are No 1 for honest reviews, and coach interviews. Stick with us for more honest reviews – and more great news coming up…


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