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On this page, SnookerZone will explain and summarise the top frequently asked questions we receive and that you might want to know when visiting our jam-packed website.

Here’s the list:

  1. What is SnookerZone?

The website is a one-stop shop for training product reviews, interviews with coaches and players, and reviews of equipment such as cue tips, chalk and other accessories…Visit our ABOUT PAGE for a detailed look at how SnookerZone came about and a bit more about the author! 

2) Who writes SnookerZone?

Chris Gaynor is an NCTJ qualified writer with 10 years + of experience in creating content for the web as a reporter and blogger and also has been playing snooker for more than three years and has tried out lots of products on the market, so is ideally placed to offer tips and advice to new players seeking out products to improve their game!

3) Why choose SnookerZone?

Our website is unique in that we are one of the first websites to offer FULL promotional reviews of snooker products with tutorials, advice on how to use the product, plus give our opinion and to be on hand to ask any questions you may have when you purchase a product that we promote as an affiliate. The other unique aspect of this site is we try out 99.999% of the products reviewed – and, if there is a product we can’t try out, we will only promote it if we genuinely believe 100% it will be useful for you!

4) How does SnookerZone work?

Our job is to review the products so that you can make an informed choice about which product to buy and any product we promote as an affiliate, we will be compensated for a small fee for.

5) What Products Would You Recommend and What Are the Top Sellers You Promote? 

SnookerZone has reviewed many products so far on the site, and here’s a short list of so far, the best sellers, and, those getting more views…

Training Aids

a) Nic Barrow’s Aim Frame:

A very useful product for any snooker player struggling with their aiming and sighting! This has had a conversion of 5% so far, and is the top seller!


b) Mirror Training Aid

Another useful product that gets a lot of attention! Mainly for its simplicity and the fact that you can see exactly where you are lining up on the snooker table re your set up position on the shot!

Use the MTA when you are lacking confidence in your set up and just want to be reminded that you are lining up right on the shot! Check it out here – now!

Potting Aids: 

Rob Reed’s Ghost Ball potting aid is the simplest of products and great for getting you confidently potting like a pro!


We mainly review tips but the most popular tip so far that seems to get a decent amount of views is this tip by Andrew Ramsay!

We Recommend though…

Regency Pro tips: See our review, here…

Other Recommendations…

One simple product that is definitely worth seeking out is this Qbolt chalk holder, An essential buy for keeping your chalk secure WITHOUT getting you distracted by what you’re doing with your chalk on every shot! Get the lowdown to it here!

6) Who Have We Interviewed on the Site So far?

As well as reviewing products, SnookerZone has interviewed 14 coaches so far in the Coaching Zone. This is a great way to promote the best coaches snooker has to offer and if you want to improve your game, seeking out a coach is ESSENTIAL! Read our 21 great interviews so far and then go and get yourself some coaching, as we did!

We also interview players, mainly amateurs, check out those we’ve interviewed so far on our blog, which includes:

SnookerZone will continue to add to this page as questions come in, but for now, enjoy some of the content on the site!









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