Snooker’s New Image? First Reactions…

Snooker’s New Image? First Reactions…

In football…

Players race around a pitch in shirts with their names printed on the back, as waves of fans shout their names and clap and boo and, well, generally make a noise – with a pint in their hand.

In snooker…

It’s the complete opposite.


Now, the World Snooker Tour has decided to go with the times and test out for the ninth showing of the Champion of Champions, sponsored by Cazoo, a new attire. These…

Time to change?

The shirts have branded on them the player’s name, and their nickname, if they have one, of course.

Already, the new attire is doing the rounds on social media and creating a buzz of reaction. Some impressed. Some not. Some just, well, don’t really care, we’d imagine. A snooker player could walk around naked and some fans probably wouldn’t care as long as they got to see a 147 or a century break? Lol.

Oh, wait a moment. A snooker player did a Press Conference naked once after winning the World title in 2018 for the third time?

Who was it now?

A World Disability Billiards and Snooker player Champion David Church didn’t like it. He said: “Don’t like it in a major event.”

He added: “You take away the grace and elegance of the snooker attire. I don’t mind it in the small events like the old PTCs but not in a major event for me! The dress code, there is no need to change.”

Another snooker player, Duane Goodman, added though: “It’s good for the sport. Update the image and the standard will probably go up when they aren’t in tight shirts!”

Let’s just say, SnookerZone has always believed in snooker moving with the times, and the powers at be trying new things out.

It’s like going into a shop and seeing something trendy and thinking, “hmmm, I wonder what this would look like on me?”

Sometimes, you just have to get out of the box, and try something different!

And, more importantly, it gives the players an identity that can connect with the fans. Why not have fans shouting their favorite snooker players?

Gaw on Wonnie…!

The Cazoo Champion of Champions is a week-long event that runs until Sunday with 16 of the best snooker players on show and is playing in Bolton.

Catch it in the afternoons and evenings on ITV 4 in the UK. 12:45 and 6:45.


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