Easy Snooker Trick Shots: Improve Your Angle Knowledge – Now

Imagine this…

You’re in a match and faced with a mighty tricky pot – a bit like the Alex Higgins pink shot on Snooker Loopy. It’s almost impossible for the mere mortal to get, and your opponent is sitting there wondering, are you going to go for it? Your opponent is gobsmacked when you do, and even dumbfounded when he discovers you pot it!

You walk to the next shot feeling a million dollars and the frame is yours! You’ve been practicing like a trooper and been making yourself aware of the angles on a snooker table. That’s because…

You’ve been learning and practicing…

Snooker trick shots like this!


Learning and playing snooker trick shots may be fun, but, there’s an important reason why you should consider to start learning some snooker trick shots in practice sessions.

There’s many benefits to learning them, including:

  • You’re learning the angles on a snooker table and what happens when you use different spins on the cue ball on certain angles.
  • You’re learning pace and timing to execute different shots
  • You’re learning how to become more confident under a situation of pressure when entertaining!
  • You’re showing there is more to the game than just potting the balls, use AND learn what you have in front of you – the table!

Some trick shots are difficult, and, like anything, they take practice, but even the easiest of shots need full attention, and as if you were playing a serious pot in a match, taking your eye off the pot can ruin the whole shot!

Remember to cue nice and straight and follow through the white on each shot!

Watch this video below to get a flavour of what shots you could learn from the snooker trick shot master John Virgo!

Start off with some of the easier ones, and, when you get a little bit more confident, then move onto the harder trickier ones!

Remember, even the greatest had to practice these and miss time and time again before getting them. As Virgo says in the video, don’t beat yourself up if you miss it the first time, have fun, enjoy, and learn!

Hurry, there’s only one left! Get the Snooker Loopy DVD for inspiration and start to improve your knowledge of angles and the snooker table by practicing some fun trick shots on the DVD, here…

Chris Gaynor

Chris Gaynor is a writer with 10 years' experience writing for the web. He loves snooker, CSI and loves cycling off tiramisu!