Snooker: The Incredible QSchool Graduates in 2024…

Snooker: The Incredible QSchool Graduates in 2024…

12 PLAYERS have qualified for the World Snooker Tour 2024/2025 seasons and beyond after a grueling two weeks of snooker in the UK and Asia at QSchool.

From the UK QSchool, the graduates include the 18-year-old Latvian Artemijs Žižins and the 20-year-old Polish talented player Antoni Kowalski who was touted as a youngster by Shaun Murphy and co and also sponsored by the Paul Hunter Foundation early on in his playing career with a full size Star table to which Murphy then presented the news of it to him. 

There was an incredible return of Allan Taylor, a regular comeback player on the tour, and a first for Plymouth’s Haydon Pinhey.

Mitchell Mann is also a regular comeback player to the Tour and Chris Totten, who hails from Scotland, is also another player to return at the age of 25 since 2017.

Event 1

  1.   Artemijs Žižins (LVA)
  2.   Allan Taylor (ENG)
  3.   Haydon Pinhey (ENG)
  4.   Wang Yuchen (HKG)

Event 2

  1.   Antoni Kowalski (POL)
  2.   Chris Totten (SCO)
  3.   Farakh Ajaib (PAK)
  4.   Mitchell Mann (ENG)


Asia-Oceania Event 1
  1.   Lim Kok Leong (MAS)
  2.   Sunny Akani (THA)
Asia-Oceania Event 2
  1.   Haris Tahir (PAK)
  2.    Kreishh Gurbaxani (IND

Many congratulations go to the return of Akani Songsermsawad, who is most known for his unusual rest action in the game.

The 28-year-old previously reached quarter-finals of ranking events when previously on the Tour.

Better known as Sunny Akani, he told the WPBSA site: “I was totally drained towards the end there. When I was leading 3-0, I knew I had to focus as anyone can come back and turn the game around if you lose focus. Hats off to Ali for coming back strongly. I’m sure he will be a tough contender in the second event.”

New World Champion Kyren Wilson is one example of a player who dropped on and off the tour and then after roughly a ten-year stint then managed to bag the biggest prize in snooker this year with the World Snooker Championship Trophy at The Crucible.

Proof if you believe in yourself, anything is possible at whatever goal you’re wishing to achieve in your sport or in life.

So far, nearly 30 players have qualified for the Tour in the 2023/2024 season with two women players in the new World Women’s Champion China’s Bai YuLu and the World Women’s No 1 Mink Nutcharut.

Well done to everyone who gave it a go in QSchool and to those who managed to make it through. To the others, it’s a #Keepgoing…









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