Snooker Tables: 4 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

On trial: The new Rasson Billiards Magnum 11 snooker table – screenshot was taken from the Rasson Billiards website

Next month, the ManBetX Champion of Champions elite event in Coventry will play host to a new addition to the snooker tables product family.

The Rasson Billiards Magnum 11 snooker table will also be in the spotlight – a first in the snooker event world as 16 of the World’s best snooker players compete on it to become the Champion of Champions champion 2018.

The table was on show last year in Poland at the World Games but makes its big debut in the ManBetX Champion of Champions on the 5th to the 11th November replacing the Star table for this event as a trial.

Junny Song, General Manager of RASSON BILLIARDS, said: “We’re so delighted that RASSON will be the Official Table Supplier of Champion of Champions this year! We’ve been cooperating with Matchroom these past few years on their pool events and we’ve experienced ourselves how amazing Matchroom events are.

She added: “This would be the first time for us to work with them on a snooker event, but our Magnum table was chosen as the Official Snooker Table at World Games in Poland last year. The table received praise from both WCBS and the competing pro snooker players following the event.”

In 2007, Star snooker tables made their debut on the World Snooker tour, and from then on became the standard bearer of the circuit for quality endorsed by players such as Stephen Hendry.

Rasson Billiards were also at the Guangzhou Billiard Exhibition 2018 showcasing their table range from pool to Chinese pool to snooker – see video below

Snooker Tables: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)…

SnookerZone hunted around the net to find the top frequently asked questions about snooker tables that people search for and here’s some of them: The questions are marked in red

How big are snooker tables? Tables come in all different sizes but a full-size table measures roughly 12ft by 6ft. 

How much are snooker tables? Well, again, it depends on what kind of table you’re looking for. If you’re a serious player and looking to get onto the top amateur/pro circuit, then you will need to find somewhere to practice that has match tables such as the Star tournament table. These tables, are, however, not cheap if you have enough space to hold a table in your own home. From searching the web – Star tables can set you back a hefty £8,000 – but, like a good Sunday roast dinner, you do get all the trimmings with that including Aramith Tournament Champion 1g balls, a heater, and all the other necessities that come with a table.

Believe it or not, eBay also has second-hand snooker tables, but be careful who you’re buying off and make sure that you can go and inspect the table first and, if not, get some kind of written note from the seller saying that the table is in good condition.

Search second hand like new full-size snooker tables, here…

How are snooker tables made? 

Watch this video from the 2017 World Snooker Championships below – click play…

Why do snooker tables have heaters? Believe it or not, conditions outside will affect conditions inside, and so a heater is used to keep the table temperature consistent. Snooker is all about consistency in both technique, conditions and even down to the snooker balls played with!

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