Snooker is the winner as another new podcast is launched in 2022…

Snooker is the winner as another new podcast is launched in 2022…

PHIL SEYMOUR AND SHAUN MURPHY (pictured) have launched a new snooker podcast – the 147 podcast. 

The MC and the 2005 World Champion have apparently been working on this project for years as fans are treated to yet another podcast adding to a string of them to listen to on your favourite platforms.

The new addition comes as fans are already treated to the likes of the Snooker Scene podcast with David Hendon, Talking Snooker with Phil Haigh and Nick Metcalfe, among others.

In their first episode, they talk about the new additions to the World Snooker Tour, including the likes of young Belgian talent Ben Mertens, and the talented player from Ireland Aaron Hill, who jumped back on tour through QSchool, and famously beat Ronnie O’Sullivan, in his very first year on tour.


Murphy also talked about his rejuvenation and renewed enthusiasm for snooker after having a heart-to-heart with the “Fearless” Fergal O’Brien, who has recently joined the team at the Republic of Ireland Ladies Snooker Association, as a mentor and coach, who gave him some sound advice which renewed Murphy’s passion for the game and his desire to get back to winning ways.

You can listen to the podcast or FOLLOW the podcast on Twitter to get to the links (above)…


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