Snooker glasses bestsellers – Blue Baron Rimless Review

Snooker glasses bestsellers – Blue Baron Rimless Review

You may remember…

SnookerZone reviewed a standard £79 pair of snooker glasses from Chris Cheshire at – called Hustler Half-Rims. 


We wrote a long piece about the benefits of wearing snooker glasses in that article, so we’re not going to go over old ground about why you should wear glasses for playing snooker

After a successful campaign with the standard pair the Hustler Half-Rims, Chris Cheshire kindly offered for us to review another pair of his top of the range pair of snooker glasses to compare with the standard pair, the Blue Baron Rimless pair.

These, we were told, are one of his bestsellers, and, before delivery, SnookerZone was skeptical at why exactly they would be a best seller.

Glasses are glasses, after all, aren’t they?

However, when the Blue Baron Rimless glasses were delivered, SnookerZone immediately realized why these were a best-seller!

The Blue Baron Rimless Snooker Glasses – the lowdown…

Blue Baron Snooker Glasses
Light as a feather snooker glasses: Blue Baron Rimless: Bestsellers

Upon opening the package, there was an instantly recognizable difference between the standard pair and the more expensive pair. These felt much lighter when handling than the Hustler Half-Rims.

The Hustler Half-Rims are much bulkier and heavier than the Blue Baron Rimless model

They were as light as a feather!

There was also another key difference, and this was more recognizable when playing on a snooker table. The field of vision from the Blue Barons was much wider than the Hustler Half-Rims. This was noticeable on longer pots especially.

More comfort, less bulk than a standard pair…

Although the Hustler Half-Rims felt comfortable, the Blue Barons felt even more comfortable, and you felt like you weren’t even wearing glasses when playing. The Blue Barons also had a much more modern feel to them than the standard, as they didn’t look bulky on the face. They felt a lot sleeker.

You don’t even feel like you’re wearing glasses here. Look how light they are on the face?

Interestingly, the overall verdict for SnookerZone was these were a more comfortable fit than the Husler Half-Rims.

Blue Baron Rimless – Features & Benefits…

The Blue Baron Rimless has certain features for the following benefits…

They are:

  • Lighter, meaning less of weight when wearing, so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing glasses at all.
  • Lighter lenses using a more robust material, meaning the lenses are stronger and durable. This means they will not break easily.
  • Modern frames – giving you that more “fashionable” view in the eyes of others who might view snooker glasses as very “unfashionable” to wear playing snooker.
  • Anti-glare coating – so you can see better reflection under snooker table lights

Choose yours now

So, what pair of snooker glasses should you get for playing snooker?

When SnookerZone reviewed the Hustler Half-Rims, we mentioned that those were great for the occasional player. But that you could also wear them if you’re a more regular player.

However, after having tried the Blue Barons, our opinion has changed. The Hustler Half-Rims are great if you’re just an occasional player who plays for fun and enjoyment rather than serious. If you’re looking to spend lots of time in the club playing and playing in competitions, think about a more expensive pair and a lighter pair like the Blue Barons, because, snooker, being the intense sport it is, you will notice a difference between a “heavier” pair and how it affects the feel on your face after a period.

We really felt the Blue Barons are for the more serious player, and, investing in a pair like these would be advisable as we said before for long-term comfort – if you’re looking to go far in the game.

So, you now have a choice.

Want extra comfort and a sleek fit for longer periods of snooker playing? Go for the Blue Barons.

Just want a standard pair to enjoy better games with your mates? Opt for the Hustler Half-Rims.

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