Snooker: Dunstable’s New Treasure…

Snooker: Dunstable’s New Treasure…

A new bespoke table designed by the owner of Dunstable Snooker Club is going down a storm.

A star is born…Reuben is the new generation of snooker tables. First Star, then Rasson, now Reuben…

The Reuben table was the brainchild of the owner Suny Singh, who proudly calls it his “baby”.

After months in the making, the table is getting glowing feedback from a whole range of players.

A league player commented about the table on the Amateur Snooker Facebook page recently:

Got to play on the new Reuben table yesterday in a singles league at DSC and this table was out of this world. I loved playing on Stars but in my opinion, this table is the next level.

He added: “Credit to suny singh for making this happen. If anyone is ever down at the club, make sure you play on it. You won’t be disappointed.

Others such as the talented young Stan Moody and Nigel Moody, his father, also waxed lyrical.

We played on the new Reuben table designed by Suny Singh at the Dunstable Snooker Club. Can’t really find a fault. And that’s before you see how well it’s been designed and built. Everything has been thoroughly thought about.”

Fans and players were given monthly updates on the progress of the table and how the implementation was going.

Launched in September, it has been going down a storm.

In a previous Facebook post on the Dunstable Snooker Club page, Singh wrote…

“Key points about my baby starting from the floor up The legs are thicker than any other table and solid but more than that the joint in the leg most tables have one dowel in the middle and after a while the joint loosens and the table has movement causing other issues. My legs have 5 doweling points.

He added: “We tested these and there is no chance of movement. Then moving to the side support rails
Again these are SOLID MAHOGANY. Then I have had them machined level so no need for on-site planning
Making them solid. The middle slate location always takes time to get 100% so I have had the location machined into the side rails. The slates are 50mm solid best quality slates these have been machined 2 times to make sure of a perfect surface, The joining pins have been made thicker so there is no movement. The pockets have been machine cut so they are uniformed the same on every pocket. And the frame has adjustment nuts for the slates that can be shimmed perfectly, not packed with cards. And the MOST IMPORTANT thing. The slates that always move on the baulk line and near the pink spot. I have fixed that major issue too!

Head down to Dunstable and try it out for yourself.

See the Facebook page here…


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