Snooker Cue Tips: 7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Online

Here’s SnookerZone’s answer to the seven top questions frequently asked online in search engines such as Google about Snooker Cue Tips…

The questions are marked in red…

  1. What snooker cue tips do the professionals use? The top professionals use a variety of tips, but, at the moment, Century Pro Cue Tips are proving a very popular variety with the top snooker players. See SnookerZone’s article on the top three tips to try out that you will love!

  2. How to replace snooker cue tips? Replacing a snooker cue tip is easier than you think. If you haven’t seen SnookerZone’s 7 step quick start guide to replacing a snooker cue tip, then see this article here. In summary, you’ll need to practice putting one on in the beginning, but after a few go’s at it you’ll be an expert in sticking on a cue tip.

  3. Which snooker cue tips are best? A snooker player will get to prefer a certain type of snooker cue tip and will just know when he/she falls in love with a tip that they will want to play with again and again. It’s personal preference – but many top professionals and amateurs are using the new Century Pro Cue Tips because they come in four Grades from soft to hard in G1, 2, 3, and 4.  This means you can choose the type of tip you want that suits your game and you will know what you are getting when you order your pack of four Century Pro Cue tips.

  4. Where can I buy snooker cue tips? You can buy snooker cue tips from any reputable stockist or snooker store, or from any retailer website such as Amazon or Ebay.

  5. What are snooker cue tips made of? Many brand of cue tips are made in different ways. Some are compressed with different agents to form a solid base – and many of the popular tips such as the Elkmasters and Blue Diamond tips are made with compressed chalk – hence why they are blue. However, some new tips on the market are made of laminated pig skin which turns out a unique orange colour (see pic below) such as the TSF snooker cue tip, recently reviewed by SnookerZone, here.

Other tips are made of leather. As before, once you have tested out a variety of tips you will get a feel for the type of tip you like.

6) How often should I replace snooker cue tips? That depends on the tip and how often you play! Generally, soft to medium tips don’t last as long as medium/harder tips so if you’re someone who plays regularly every day every week, then buying a harder tip may be the best option for you. If you’re someone who only plays occasionally maybe twice/three times a week or not even that then a soft tip will do the trick and will last a while. It just depends on how often you play! When the tip wears down, you’ll notice as it will get thinner and thinner. Sometimes, the tip will split or over time part of it.


7) How much are snooker cue tips? That depends on your budget. If you’re a beginner, then SnookerZone recommends you going for the popular Elkmaster tips, as they are cheaper than some of the more expensive tips on the market. For a pack of 50 Elks, you can spend £20. Century tips are £20 for a box of four tips. But remember, with the Century tips, you are choosing the grade you like whereas with Elks you don’t necessarily know what kind of tips you are going to get in a box!

Have we answered all your questions about snooker cue tips? If you still have a question about snooker cue tips, then email and we’ll try to answer best we can!

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