How Many Snooker Cue Action Pauses Should You Have?

Snooker Cue Action Pauses:

Two-time ranking event winner Anthony McGill is back on his Youtube channel teaching fans snooker. 

After a long spell away, he’s now talking about the snooker cue action pauses and how many he recommends you should have – which is three.

He suggests this:

  • One pause before you begin your preliminary feathers
  • One just after you’ve done your preliminary featherings
  • And one pause at the end of your final backswing…(which is essential in SnookerZone’s view!)

Watch what he suggests in the video below and then try it out for yourself and see if it works.

Having a pause/s in your cue action not only helps you to make sure you’re cueing nice and smooth but can also help you to generate a little bit more power if you go through the white after delivery!


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Chris Gaynor

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