Snooker Coach App: Start Challenging Yourself More – Now


There are not many coaching apps for snooker on the market, but the Snooker Coach app is the best one for improving your game.

Available FREE to download on App store in iTunes, this app has a string of routines ranging from the very basic to the more tougher ones for a variety of players.

Take the routines with you when you go to your snooker club, simply load the app and pick a routine and start playing.

There’s simple clear instructions with what you have to do – (with diagrams) so you’ll be able to start playing the routines as soon as!

In the app, you get routines such as:

  • Clearing the colours from potting the blue
  • Potting balls from off a cushion
  • Attempting to pot 10 reds either side of the black spot
  • Traditional line up routine
  • Many more…

If you’re struggling to find routines to play and want some variety, then taking this app with you will always mean you will have inspiration for something else to practice.

It doesn’t matter if they’re easy or hard routines, as long as you are doing something that is testing you and engaging you into motivating you to do more.

What SnookerZone likes about this app is the way it’s organized into levels of difficulty with certain routines and how you can also follow your progress in the app.

There is also a sessions part in the app where you are advised how much time you should spend on a particular routine.

Routines are divided into “red”, “blue” and “black” categories with more harder routines requiring in app purchases, but, you can go at the pace you want and just practice the “simple” routines for the time being. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can then pay for the real tough routines if you’re feeling up for the challenge! Are you ready?

It’s a handy app to have in your pocket rather than carrying a book/s with you full of routines.

Give yourself a challenge and follow your progress whilst improving!

Download the app, and improve your game by searching the iTunes store for Snooker Coach app. 

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