Snooker Club News in 2022: New Lighting at Woking Snooker…

Snooker Club News in 2022: New Lighting at Woking Snooker…

Your Snooker Experience at Woking Snooker Centre in Surrey has just got brighter…

Woking Snooker Centre has now fitted new LED efficient lighting to at least five of its 20 tables in the club.

Tables 4, 11, 16 (to be done in the next week), 20, and one, which was first done last year, now all have a brighter experience for players and the club intends on erecting more in the coming future, said Club Manager Peter Ruddick.

The lighting has been sponsored by some of the members/businesses in order to help improve the club further in its development as a 147 club member of the English Partnership for Snooker and Billiards (EPSB).

It means players can now get that fully professional feel in club conditions.

Chris Gaynor, the writer of SnookerZone, and a player member of the club, said: “The new lighting on the tables definitely improves your view of the table and you are not seeing shadows as much as you once were.”

He added: “It was pleasant to view the length of the table better, even without glasses!”

As well as the new lighting, Woking Snooker is regularly updating the cloths, with the majority of tables now fitted with the Strachan original and gold tournament cloths.

If you haven’t paid a visit to Woking and want to experience a friendly and warm atmosphere and some good quality snooker facilities, pop down and enjoy a brighter experience at Woking, now!

Table 16 was sponsored by father and daughter Gavin and the talented 22-year-old Jasmine Bolsover, interviewed by SnookerZone.

Woking C star Peter Butler co-sponsored also a table with Mark Blackburn.

There’s also regular tournaments on a Saturday with the Woking handicap tournament.

If you want to sponsor one of the lights as a member or as a business, then get in contact with Peter Ruddick or pop into the club.

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