Snooker Balls: 7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Online

Buying a high-quality set of balls like the Superpro 1gs would be considered an investment rather than a cost!

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Getting a decent set of balls is essential if you’re a serious player wanting consistency and good quality equipment.

SnookerZone hunted down the top frequently asked questions online about snooker balls – to answer for you.

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How many snooker balls?

In a case or set there are 22 balls consisting of 15 reds, and six colours of which are the yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black with one standard cue ball (white).

What snooker balls do professionals use?

The pros use currently the Aramith Tournament Champion 1g balls, all weighing within one gram of each other. 

How to set up snooker balls?

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the 15 reds are placed in a triangle formation on a snooker table between the pink spot and black spot at the end of the table with the yellow-green brown colours being placed at the top end on what is called the D on the baulk lines! The blue ball is placed in the middle of the table on a spot. 

How to clean snooker balls?

You can clean balls with either a special polish made from the makers Aramith (ball cleaner) or you can use a new product…PRO BALL SHINE…

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What are snooker balls made of?

The 1g balls are made of a phenolic resin and are all made with precision quality and weigh within one gram – hence why they’re called 1g balls. 

What do snooker balls measure?

From Wikipedia: “Snooker balls are technically standardized at 52.5 mm (2.07 in) in diameter within a tolerance of plus or minus 0.05 mm (0.002 in). No standard weight is defined, but all balls in the set must be the same weight within a tolerance of 3 g (0.11 oz). 

However, many sets are actually 2116 in (52.4 mm), even from major manufacturers. Snooker sets are also available with considerably smaller-than-regulation balls (and even with ten instead of fifteen reds) for play on smaller tables (down to half-size), and are sanctioned for use in some amateur leagues.

Sets for American snooker are typically 218 in (54.0 mm), with numbered colour balls.”

How much do snooker balls cost?

Ball costs vary depending on quality and what you’re looking for in terms of playability. If you’re serious about playing snooker to a high standard, then buying the best products on offer would be considered an investment rather than a cost! The 1g balls cost around £200 or slightly more depending on where you shop . You also get a lockable solid aluminum case for transporting them around easily. 

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