Should You Buy SightLifter? Only If You Check This First…

Should You Buy SightLifter? Only If You Check This First…

SNOOKERZONE purchased this product SightLifter for a review.

When we were browsing Ebay, we discovered what seemed to be an innovative and affordable product that could have been an alternative to wearing snooker specs.

So, we decided to purchase the £25 product and here’s our thoughts:

What is SightLifter?

It is a product which is a clip which you clip onto your normal glasses and allows your glasses to elevate to the height that will allow you to see in your normal glasses when playing cue sports.

Remember, when you wear normal glasses, you are not looking in a sweet spot, but are peering over them and hence straining your eyes.

SightLifter is suppose to allow you to look in a sweet spot in normal glasses, without having to wear snooker glasses.


The idea is innovative and simple, and supposed to save you money as well from having to buy expensive snooker glasses or change your prescriptions, especially if you are just an occasional player. If you’re a serious one – stick to snooker glasses!

However, when SnookerZone received the package, the drawback is obvious from the start. If the middle bit of your glasses are too fat (unlike the image on ebay), then the clip will not fit properly, and therefore, renders the product useless.

That means, you either have to spend money on a cheap pair of glasses where the middle rim bit is thin enough for SightLifter to fit, or, just go back to wearing snooker glasses. Either way, if you do decide to buy this product, make sure your middle bit of the glasses are thin enough so that the clip fits on!

Purchased from Ebay: SightLifter

When we emailed a representative  to ask how to fit the clip and whether it would fit our glasses, they said this:


the clip is placed on the nose and the eyeglass bridge is put on.

See item description, photo. However, if the middle bar is too thick, the glasses may not hold up.


We think that this product would be good if it was modified, and that the clip was designed better to fit all types and shapes of glasses.
On the surface, the product is well made, but that glitch in design, we’re afraid SnookerZone cannot say this is a worthy buy unless you can guarantee your glasses are a fit. CHECK your middle bit of your glasses before you buy this product.
We were disappointed because, in theory, the product certainly would save you money from constantly having to change your prescription on your snooker glasses.


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