Seeing the Light…

Seeing the Light…

UK snooker clubs could reopen as early as early next month.

In a bid to keep snooker leading the way in sport in life’s new normal, the World Professional Snooker and Billiard Association have been meeting with MPs on the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Snooker and discussing the way forward on how to safely re-open snooker clubs for all – not just the pros.


As pro snooker has led the way in pro sports by putting on safe events with rigorous testing of players and staff, and social distancing measures et al, the work has been going on tirelessly behind the scenes to get a full amateur circuit back on as soon as possible.

Clubs will be ready when the government is…

In a brief statement on the WPBSA website, it says: “We will continue to liaise closely with our affiliated clubs that are part of the 147 Club network and are looking to set up further online meetings with them over the coming days to discuss the safe re-opening of clubs directly.

“We will also publish further guidance in due course as to the measures that all clubs should follow to be able to operate safely and in accordance with government guidance.”

Good news for one young UK snooker talent…

Sean Maddocks
In the zone: Sean Maddocks. (Photo courtesy of coach Neil Johnson)

Liverpool’s Sean Maddocks has been awarded a two-year tour card for next season as announcements for those newbies, and ‘oldies’ playing on the tour will happen over the course of the summer.

Maddocks, only 18, has been dedicating himself a lot to the amateur scene and knocking on the door in a lot of events, including QSchool, and his now reward of pro status has been fully deserving.

He’s also the proud title-holder of being the youngest player to make a 147 in an open amateur tournament.

His coach, Neil Johnson, modestly wrote on Facebook: “I’m so pleased…my 18-year-old student Sean Maddocks has been awarded a two-year tour card. So talented and dedicated.”

He added: “This couldn’t be more deserving. The really hard work starts now, but this is really fantastic news. Great stuff, champ.”

We wrote here at SnookerZone a while back about Sean’s first exhibition he did in front of a small but captivated audience.

Read the story here now…


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