See Mark Selby Play 8 Ball on the 27th September 2021…

The Jester from Leicester will team up with his brother-in-law Gareth Potts for the Ultimate Pool Series live on FREESPORTS…

Current four-times World Champion Mark Selby will be gracing the 8 ball pool world this month in the Ultimate 8 Ball Pairs Competition.

In a massive development for the Ultimate Pool Series, Selby is no slouch in the pool world as he was 2006 WEFP World Champion and is the only player to have been a World Champion in both pool and snooker.

A former county player for Leicestershire, the 38-year-old is thrilled about his appearance in the event:

He told Ultimate Pool: “I’m really looking forward to the tournament and teaming up with Gareth – it’s going to be a unique and special challenge.

And added: “It has been a long time since I’ve played 8-ball competitively but having seen what Ultimate Pool has done with its recent tv events, I can’t wait to get out into the arena and sample the atmosphere.”

Selby is not the only player to have knocked around in the pool world. Legends Jimmy White, Steve Davis, Ronnie O’Sullivan and a string of others have all dabbled in either 8 ball or American nine-ball or even Chinese pool.

The Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup begins on the 6th of this month and is FREE to VIEW on FREESPORTS.

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Selby and Potts will be two of 62 other players in the event.

The Ultimate Pool Pairs Cup is played to International 8-Ball Rules and consists of twenty-minute matches with 30 and 15-second shot-clocks. Each match is the best of 7 frames, or whatever the score is when the match-clock expires. Ties are made up of individual frames with a mixture of scotch doubles and singles action.

Freesports is Channel 64 on Digital. Tune your TVs in…

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