Secure your snooker cue’s specs for peace of mind…

Secure your snooker cue’s specs for peace of mind…

This happened to me, once…

I was at University riding around the town on my bike. I locked up my bike at a bike station. And wandered off into town.

Imagine the shock, anger, and frustration when I came back and found one of the wheels had been pinched?

Not nice is it?

It may not have been a FULL bike stolen, but it was still a pain in the butt.

Anyway, as snooker players, a snooker cue is our best friend. Not just a tool to pot balls with.

With so many cue makers constructing expensive cues nowadays, it’s a good idea to secure the details of your cue so that, if one day you find your cue and case end up being pinched, you can have peace of mind for the police to at least act on information if they need to. CRIME IS CRIME.

Stolen cues can end up on eBay and rogue sites. It could happen to you. Like it happened to me with my bike wheel being pinched. No-one is immune to it.

It could happen to you…

Just ask professional Mark Davis, who had his cue stolen, but then it miraculously returned.

A disc could be fitted in the badge by cue manufacturers that would be scannable for people to know the specs of their cues…

QTec QPassport System

This is where the QTec QPassport comes in for snooker cues.

A new system for storing people’s cue details from different manufacturers by a simple process – featuring QDiscs.

The cue manufacturer installs a DISC in the badge of the cue, and the cue details can be SCANNED and held in a SECURE DATABASE managed by QTec.

It’s a bit like a BICYCLE DATABASE for registered bikes, so police can positively identify a bike when it becomes stolen. For proof – go to the BIKE REGISTER website, and log information on your own bike. PEACE OF MIND.

Back to the QPassport.


The owner of QTec says this of the new system for cue peace of mind.

” I want as many cue makers globally to use the system, adding benefits to their customers. We have had a good initial response with 10 different countries’ cue makers on board already.”

He added: “This system enables people to buy cues second hand and know the cue’s authenticity, and date of birth and specs etc. Licensed installers will also be able to retrofit into existing cues for customers.”

Alongside this innovative new system, a CREDIT STYLE CARD scannable by phone could authenticate collectible cues. But the cues would have to be AUTHENTICATED by a panel of three experts before the details of the cue were logged in. How do we know if a cue is collectible or not?

The owner added: “The Qpassport discs are waterproof,  shockproof, and the discs are 14mm diameter x 2mm deep installed under their own badge by any cue maker. Each disc has its own unique code and once installed in the cue, the purchaser’s details are stored in the database, along with cue manufacturer and cue specs. We charge a one-off payment to the cue manufacturer to join the scheme, they receive a certificate to become a licensed installer and they then purchase the discs directly from Qtec.”

For more information on this and any of QTec’s other innovative products, go to…





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