Review: How does the TSF Snooker Tip Play Out?

A Unique Snooker Tip: The TSF snooker tip: Check it out on ebay. Click the image…

There are so many snooker tips on the market – from the cheaper tips such as Elk to the more expensive varieties such as Century Cue tips.

The TSF tip is in between – but is a tiny bit different in that it is made from laminated pigskin and when it’s stuck on it is an orange colour.

Most tips are blue due to the different agents put in there and then compressed.

This tip is nice looking on the eyes and looks very solid before stuck on.

When you put it on, it’s easy to stick, but, you will notice if you are someone who has stuck on lots of tips, that this tip is more difficult to shape than others. With Elks and other tips, it’s easy to sand them down quickly and get them to the nice rounded dome shape in quick timing. It’s quite easy though to trim with a tip trimmer after though!

The TSF tip, however, takes a bit longer to shape, but once you have, it does look good on the ferrule.

How Does it Play Compared to Other Snooker Tips? 

Over the weekend of the 8th and 9th of September SnookerZone took the TSF for a whirl.

I’ve been playing with a Century Pro Cue tips tip G2 for a while now and have been used to the feel. Initially, when playing with any tip, you’ll notice a difference in the feel. The TSF had a different feel as it was a slightly harder tip than what I’ve been used to. On the TSF harder tip, it was a clunkier noise but it gave a great bite to the ball.

Pros and Cons

The only real issue with the tip is the fact that you have to chalk it a lot – as the chalk – especially using Taom comes off quite powdery. I found burning the outsides of the tip made it easier for the chalk to hold on the tip, but it still gave off a lot of powdery chalk dust off the tip. If you don’t chalk this tip enough, you will miscue a little!

In terms of gripping and generating spin, there were no problems and once it had been played in a while it was great to play with.

However, I prefer the Century G2s as they just suit the feel of my game. If you’re a snooker player, you will know what the feel is with certain tips and there will be some tips you prefer over others.

The TSF is unique and it’s certainly one of the better tips on the market.

If I was giving it star ratings I’d go…

3/5 for maintenance – it’s quite difficult to shape initially.

3/5 for grip and action on the cue ball.

4/5 for playability once you get used to it. It does play well once knocked in.

3/5 for chalking as you need to chalk it a lot!

Overall, the tip is just above average, for me, but I’d still prefer to use Century.

You can check out the TSF tip, here…