REPORT: Woking Snooker Shootout 2024…

REPORT: Woking Snooker Shootout 2024…

WOKING’S SNOOKER SHOOTOUT 2024 Raises Hundreds for Charity…

Bluey Noel beat the shot clock and his opponents to scoop the Woking Snooker Shootout 2024 at the weekend in aid of the local charity the Woking and Sam Beare Hospice.

The event raised £640 for the local charity and was a great community event for all.

SnookerZone’s Chris Gaynor managed to get the PREVIEW of the event in the Woking News and Mail a few weeks ago.

On the inaugural Shootout, Paul Morrison scooped the title, and in his title defense this time, he managed a good run and knocked in an 80 break on his way to the quarter-finals.

Morrison briefly told SnookerZone’s Chris Gaynor after he made the 80: “I was shaking like a leaf.”

He added; I was very nervous.”

The club last year saw two 147s on the same day under normal snooker rules. One in an EPSB event by former World Seniors Champion Peter Lines, and the other by a Byfleet League star Mark Leonard.

The Woking Shootout final 2024 was between Bluey Noel and Alan Harvey as the event was live-streamed on the Woking Snooker Youtube channel – as are many events including the Byfleet League.

The event was attended by Chris Gaynor of and Social Media star Terry T of who is doing some great stuff in sponsoring grassroots players and thanks to the referee Ben Taylor Fuente who also played in the tournament. He is on to the World Pool Masters after the Woking Shootout, he said.

Snooker Shootouts are similar to the Snooker Legends 900 and the World Snooker Tour’s Main Tour Snooker Shootout. Snooker Legends 900 star and Byfleet League’s Woking D Jasmine Bolsover also promoted the event as did the League Chairman Kelvin Jones. We have promoted the Byfleet League on this website a lot as well as in the local news.

Woking and Sam Beare Hospice  Community Fundraising Manager Louise Blair told SnookerZone: “Woking and Sam Beare Hospice are so grateful to Woking Snooker Club and to all those that took part in the Snooker Shootout on the 17th February, and for raising the amazing £640 – thankyou. The local community plays a vital role in raising funds for the Hospice enabling us to care for those with life-limiting illnesses to live life to the full and equip them to die with choice and dignity, and to support those important to them.”

Basic Rules in Shootouts…

You have to hit a cushion and you can’t trickle up behind a ball to snooker an opponent. If a foul is declared, the opponent has the cue ball in hand from anywhere on the table.

Maybe there should be a Shootout for some of the other tours? It may get more people interested in having a go with the game!

#SnookerandBilliardsareforall #CommunitySports

Many thanks go to George Heatley the organiser of the event, and he wrote on his Facebook Page: “Thankyou to everyone who entered, spectated and donated. I’m delighted to say we managed to raise a whopping £640 for the Woking and Sam Beare Hospice.

Kelvin Jones of the Byfleet League also donated the High Break Prize of £50. And Peter Ruddick and the team who host the events.

Congratulations to everyone who competed on the day.





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