Regency Pro Blue Snooker Tips: Quality Elk Lookalikes

If you love Elks and aren’t one for all these new fancy tips on the market, then the Regency Professional Blue tips may just be what you’re desiring right now on your ferrule!

SnookerZone has previously reviewed Elk tips and the flaw with them is you never know what you’re quite going to get in a pack! Although they’re cheap, they’re also inconsistent when it comes to knowing whether you’ll get a hard, medium, or soft tip.

Beginner snooker players who are used to Elks and know an Elk will love these!

With Regency, you get the lookalike of Elks but with the added quality and consistency!

They come in 9, 10, and 11mm and you can choose…

  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Hard

These tips, like the Regency greys and the laminated pigskin layered black tip are a dream to put on. There’s no doubt in SnookerZone’s view that the trio of tips created by Mike Henson is one of the best, if not the best tips on the market

We were given a medium to try and were impressed.

There’s something for everyone with the Regency series of tips. SnookerZone is a big fan of the Regency Grey ones – they handled nicely and fitted a dream on the ferrule.

The only issue with the Regency Professional Blue tips was using Taom gold soft chalk came off a little easier than the Grey ones, so you have to keep chalking.

We found with the layered pig skins, the chalk held well.

Interestingly. screwback was a little bit tougher with the Regency Pro blues, whereas screw back was much easier with the greys. Make of that what you will.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, there is no scientific explanation for what makes a great tip! Each player has a feel and comfort for a particular brand or make of tip. SnookerZone prefers the tips that aren’t so “blue” in colour. But these tips are definitely no cheap Elks!

SnookerZone likes the fact that with all Henson’s tips you get a FREE tip trimmer. They’re useful to have when trimming and you can save much time when shaping and getting the tip to how you want it!

TIP: We like to give our tips a little burn and find that on some tips, the chalk can hold much better after!

How do we rate Regency Pro Blues?

  • For playability: Four stars
  • For maintenance: Four stars
  • For cost: Four stars (They’re just over a tenner for 3 tips)

Try a Regency Pro Blue today and see for yourself! Love Elks? Love Regency Pro Blues! GO HERE..