QSchool Snooker 2024…

QSchool Snooker 2024…

QSCHOOL is a snooker tournament each year that provides a pathway for new players, ex-pros, and relegated professionals to join or rejoin the World Snooker Tour as a professional for two seasons.

The majority of players who earn a World Snooker Tour card are generally relegated professionals or ex- professionals who have dropped off the tour within a five-year period. 

Much has been made about whether it is a fair way for snooker to see “new” players enter the arena of the professional tour.

New World Champion Kyren Wilson is one such example of a player who dropped off the tour early, but then regained a tour card with much determination, rose through the ranks of the tour scooping ranking tournaments and also getting to where he is now, third in the World and a World Champion. As Jason Francis on the Legends Seniors Tour always says, #DaretoDream.

However, this year sees a new player from Event One secure the dream of a tour card for the first time from England, Haydon Pinhey.

There have been many success stories on the QSchool this season, including the talented 11-year-old Adam Abbas, and ALL Cuestars players have also had good runs in the events including Bradley Cowdroy, whom we’ve interviewed on this site before.

This year in 2024, there were eight tour spots up for grabs.

QSchool Event One…

In the first event of the QSchool, there were roughly 163 entrants from a plethora of backgrounds, but the youngest player to qualify for the WST in event one was Artemijis Zizins, who, at the age of 17, is now a professional player on the tour.

Allan Taylor, a frequent WST Tour professional, is also back.

Haydon Pinhey, 27, who hails from Plymouth, who said he has spent his whole life dreaming of a place as one of the elites in snooker, has now earned his place on the World Professional Tour and was chuffed with the win and on his social media, he can be viewed celebrating his win with Total Snooker’s Michael Day, another fellow writer/journalist in the snooker world.

China’s Wang Yuchen,26, is now back on Tour.

In March 2016, Wang won the Asian Under-21 Snooker Championship, beating former professional Ratchayothin Yotharuck of Thailand 6–5 in the final. This win earned him a two-year professional card for the 2016–17 and 2017–18 seasons.[2]

SnookerZone’s CHRIS GAYNOR will report on the other GRADUATES from the event two in due course.

In other news away from snooker…

Top sports brands such as Nike and Adidas are finding new and innovative ways to engage new audiences into trying sports.

The PARIS 2024 OLYMPIC GAMES “GAMES WIDE OPEN” SLOGAN signals a seismic shift in how brands must engage audiences. People now prioritise inclusivity in sport, over eliteness and brands such as Nike and Adidas et al are trying just that.

Since day one, the Paris 2024 project has been all about openness. In 2024, a number of Parisian monuments will be transformed into magnificent competition venues, welcoming people from all over the world to an open-air sports arena for these spectacular Games.

Paris 2024 will make Games history by organising the first-ever opening ceremony to be held in a city centre, delivering revolutionary Games open to all. Paris 2024 is about showing the world the best France has to offer, its creativity and its avant-garde spirit. It’s about doing more to share the emotions of the Games with more people. It’s about delivering Games that are more responsible, more inclusive, more equal and more spectacular than ever before. Paris 2024 is a slogan: Games wide open !

Will it be as spectacular as the London 2012 Olympics with the POMP AND CEREMONY of the then reigning QUEEN ELIZABETH 11 (now deceased) and her dramatic scenes with FILM ACTOR DANIEL CRAIG (JAMES BOND?). Those moments were a metaphor for REACHING AND AIMING HIGH in whatever goals you may have had.

Nike’s “Play New” ethos celebrates play and self-expression beyond elite athleticism.

Adidas’s “SHE MOVES US” inspires women and girls through an inclusive sports community.

Brand Asic’s is promoting SUNRISE ATTACK – promoting the advantage of physical activity helping Mental Health, and Under Armour’s brand “The Only Way is Through” shifts the focus on inner mental strength, not just physical strength.

It is a shift in mindset from brands who are shifting focus away from just promoting the elite in sport, but also promoting inclusivity at all levels, with all walks of life and abilities being included in BRAND SPORT.

Here is what Under Armour’s slogans are on its brand website

You’re More Than Your Successes. You’re More Than Your Failures. You Are The Work.
Introducing Under Armour’s 2020 Global Brand Platform—The Only Way Is Through.

One last drive. Three seconds left on the clock. The point two of 26.2. 5:00 a.m. after 5 straight days. Bumps, bruises, and breaks—mental and physical. In an athlete’s life, barriers are everywhere. From the daily grind, to the crippling pressure, to the trials and tribulations of life outside the gym, the pursuit of getting better is a constant challenge and test. While progress and self-improvement look different for each athlete, there’s still only one possible mindset—The Only Way Is Through. It’s an understanding that to reach whatever goals lie ahead, you must stay the path to come out faster, stronger—better—on the other side.


DR ALAN GOLDBERG has a video on it, WATCH BELOW…


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