Peter Ebdon – Back in the Day…

Peter Ebdon – Back in the Day…

Peter Ebdon has announced he is retiring from professional snooker – citing a neck injury as the reason for the news.

Peter Ebdon
Peter Ebdon has had a long and glittering career…As long as his hair used to be…

Tributes on social media have poured in from fans, players and previous coaches regarding this news from the 2002 World Champion.

Coach Chris Henry, who is the product creator of The Balls, and coached Ebdon between 1999 to 2002, said on Facebook: “Sad news today. Peter called me a few weeks ago to inform me of decision to retire based on health issues.”

He added: “Peter’s dedication, persistence and self belief were second to none in the professional game. It was an honour to be your coach Ebbo.”

Here’s 6 facts about Peter Ebdon…

  1. He’s one of 11 players to have won the World Championship just once in the Crucible era since 1977.
  2. He has had six nicknames during his glittering career resulting in 9 ranking event wins. These include,
  • The Force
  • The Ebbonator
  • Pyscho
  • Mr Intensity
  • The Plant-Based Potter
  • The World’s Most Dangerous Man
  1. 3) In his early days, he was famous for his outpouring of emotions and also his ponytail hairstyle. But nothing took away his determination and grit to win matches from behind and as an outsider when he won by just a single frame the 2002 World Championship against Stephen Hendry denying the King of the Crucible at least 8 World crowns.
  2. 4) The 49-year-old has dedicated himself to fitness and became a vegan in the early 2000s. He has been known to swim one mile a day and previously lived in Dubai for four years from 2005 – 9.
  3. 5) Peter has earnt a career total prize money of well over 3 million during a span of well over 30 years and in 2002, his biggest payout was over 460K where £260K of that was from winning the World title…So far, in this final season, he’s earnt 20K from his tour job.
  4. 6) Peter has been ranked as high as World number three – twice. Once in 1996, and then again in 2002 when he became World Champion.

Watch Peter Ebdon back in the day below, now…

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