Part 1: #SnookerCoaching Questions in 2022…

Part 1: #SnookerCoaching Questions in 2022…

SnookerZone is going to do a series of short posts, answering some questions that he had when he was having coaching in the beginning – and also of watching endless snooker videos, reading books, and watching players.

The answers aren’t always definitive, as some questions are very subjective and it is all down to the individual and their game. But there are all basics that every player must follow.

Let’s get into it now…

Question 1: Is it wrong to twist your wrist when delivering the cue?

Answer: This question is something SnookerZone has been experimenting with trying to correct for some time now.

The simple answer to this question, is, that it’s not wrong, but too much of a twist in your grip hand can cause cueing around corner issues.

Some players are very straight in their wrist action and have their hand straight. Others, like SnookerZone, have a slight twist of the wrist. In the beginning, we had a very cocked wrist.

There is no right or wrong answer essentially, but just be mindful that it can cause the cue to go offline sometimes.

SnookerZone is trying to correct this “flaw” if it is one by using this training aid called the Pro Shot Glove.

What it does is simply try to help you keep the grip hand holding the cue as straight as possible so that you don’t cock the wrist too much.

We’ve been using it at home as well as on the table to try to alleviate our cocked wrist. It’s a work in progress at the moment, but we’re getting there in trying to keep the grip hand MUCH STRAIGHTER than we normally do.

Here is the review…

Watch some more grip hand mistakes below…

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