Become one of the best break-builders down your club…

Become one of the best break-builders down your club…
Chris Gaynor here…
You’re in a match and you play two or three great shots, but then you fluff the third? Frustrating, right?
You still pot it, but you’re way out of position and the next pot is tricky. Your opponent is rubbing his hands with glee because he knows he will get another shot! He’s right! You fluff the pot, and your opponent gets in and dishes up to win the frame!
You’re gutted. You felt you were playing well but had your confidence sapped from you because you played the poor position.
You slouch in your seat feeling sorry for yourself. You know the feeling, right? Frustrating! Annoying!
Learning to pot in snooker is tough enough. But when you’ve got to find the position, then things get tricky, don’t they?
But NOT Now…
Now you can have the positional play to be proud of and feel like a pro!


Nic Barrow

Nic Barrow's Ultimate Training Ball
Nic Barrow’s Ultimate Training Ball
 The special snooker training ball will help you improve your…
  • Potting
  • Positional play
Now you can fix your positional play and keep your breaks going like a professional! Which will lead to you winning more frames and EVEN matches.

Discover what the different spins do now with the help of the Ultimate Training Ball…

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The ball is double-sided. On one side are the different levels of cue ball heights you have to hit to produce the desired spin (see pic).
These start from + 4 which is topspin to–4 which is screw back.
The lower levels from 0 — -4 mean you will produce less spin.
But, first, ask yourself this:
Do you know what the different spins do and how the cue ball reacts?
To make bigger breaks, you must know the natural angle of the cue ball.
Once you know that, you can then move on to more advanced aspects of positional play.
Here are two tips to start you off: 
  • The narrower the angle of the pot, the less the cue ball will do. For example, if you’re stunning a pot off straight, then the cue ball will not go very far.
  • If the angle is wider, then the cue ball will go further and do more! (see pic above)

Now you can see exactly where you need to strike the object ball to pot it with the help of the Ultimate Training Ball.

Ultimate Training Ball
On the back of the UTB are two lines that represent what Nic Barrow calls the “equator” of the cue ball. This is the line where the cue ball will strike a certain point on the object ball and make the OB go in the pocket.
So, by using this line on the UTB, you can understand where you have to hit the OB to pot it at a certain angle.
It’s a simple reference guide when looking at a normal snooker ball with no lines on it.
You may have heard on the TV when the commentator says, “he’s coming around to look at the angle.”
What the player is doing is looking at the point on the OB where he needs to hit it for the ball to go in!
If a champion snooker player like Ding Junhui, can enjoy using a product like the UTB, then so can you!

Take some of the guesswork out of playing position with the Ultimate Training Ball Cue Ball Calculator add on!

Let me ask you. When you go to practice, what do you normally do? Guess where the cue ball will land?

Now, with the UTB Calculator, you can place the simple round shape anywhere on the table, and play position for where you want to land.

This teaches you:

  • To learn to play for a specific position (or an area) rather than just guessing, and hoping you’ll get there…
  • To cue to the speed of the shot which will get you to your desired position. If you overpower the shot or under hit, you’ll fall out of position.


Ultimate Training Ball: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ultimate Training Ball? 

It’s a full-size Aramith snooker training ball which is double sided which shows you how to play better cue ball positioning as well as potting!

Who Can Use the Training Ball? 

Anyone from amateurs to professional snooker players can use it who are struggling with their cue ball positional play and are looking to control the cue ball better to make higher breaks!

How Does It Work? 

The training ball works by placing the ball on the table and playing as if it were a normal cue ball! However, you will have the unique insight into knowing what the different height numbers do in relation to where the ball goes on its journey around the table. Use the Training ball to memorize the different paths of the cue ball so you can better understand the table and what happens. You also have the reverse side of the cue ball which teaches you potting and the line of the cue ball will tell you which point you need to hit on the object ball to pot it! You also have the cue ball calculator where you can calculate or estimate where your cue ball will land after the shot!

What Do You Get with the Training Ball? 

With the Training Ball, you get…

  • A full-size quality Aramith training snooker ball from Nic Barrow
  • A detailed instruction booklet
  • The cue ball cut out calculator
  • EXCLUSIVE Videos by Nic Barrow inside the SnookerGym training website explaining how to get the most out of your product!
  • Previews to other Nic Barrow products including the amazing Aim Frame...
  • Get invited to the SnookerGym Facebook community where fans share tips, tricks and useful insights into the game we all love!

How Much Does the Training Ball Cost?

Around £25 – 30 pounds depending on where you get it!

Where Do You Get It? 

Amazon, Ebay, or directly through Nic Barrow…

Ultimate Training Ball

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