Most club players don’t ever get to become one of the best potters in their club because they don’t follow these three lessons – read on…
Jim felt elated…
He had just potted the ball of his life and his mate Jack was in shock!
On a frame-winning break, Jim was on cloud nine having conquered his fear of fine cuts under pressure. The black rolled in, and, his pal Jack shook his hand for the first time in a while! Jim was a winner – for once!
But it had never always been like this for Jim. Rewind a few weeks and Jim had felt in the doldrums. He couldn’t get his head around angles. He couldn’t pot a ball under pressure, and he couldn’t master the finer cuts.
It frustrated him. He always seemed to struggle to see the line of aim on certain potting angles, which lost him frames!
He ALWAYS used to lose. He used to feel helpless to do anything. He didn’t know what he was doing wrong!
Match after match Jim seemed to break down and hand the frames to his opponent. He was sick to the back teeth of finishing second best all the time. He needed a break. And he needed help.
After Jim’s historic win, Jack asked his pal: “How have you improved so much at angles and fine cuts in such a short time?”
Jim explained.
“Well, I used to learn how to pot using the Ghost ball theory, but I found it difficult to focus on. Have you heard of the Aim Frame?”
Jack replied. That’s that special card with all the angles on it, isn’t it?”
Jim answered: “It’s more than that. Much more. Let me show you how it works!”

Nic Barrow’s Aim Frame!

SnookerGym Coach Nic Barrow
This simple training aid will help improve your aiming!
What is the Aim Frame? 

Aim Frame

It’s an A4 piece of untearable plastic, a patent-pending measurement system that will help you see the line of aim on potting angles…

Watch: How to set up the Aim Frame:

Learning potting angles is MUCH easier than you think. Once you know them, you’ll be able to recognize them all over the table! Here’s how…

Lesson  1:

Learning angle recognition and seeing lines of aim on angled pots MUCH CLEARER using the Aim Frame…

 In the Aim Frame training, you’ll learn how to see the line for the four main potting angles. 
They are:
1)      The ¾ ball pot (the yellow ball and red ball in pic)
2)      The ½ ball pot (brown and black balls in pic)
3)      The ¼ ball pot (the red and green balls in pic)
4)      The 1/8 ball pot (The finer cuts! The very end…
Potting balls results from good aiming and straight cueing.
Like you, I did not understand or recognise what these angles were until I got hold of the Aim Frame.
To pot balls, you need to know these four important angles and recognise them all over a table.
Once you know these angles, you’ll be able to spot them on any shot and understand where you have to aim to pot the ball.
Sound easy? Yes.
Difficult to put in place? Yes.
Deliver the cue smoother and look for longer at where you’re aiming at before you deliver the final swing, and potting will get a lot easier.
Take my word for it! Here’s some good advice!
Never get down on the shot and adjust your aiming when practising with the Aim Frame: just trust your aim!
Here’s a quick diagram below illustrating the Aim Frame in practice with the Aim Ball…
Notice that we set the Aim ball up in line with the cue ball to pot the object ball – the black ball.
All you have to do is direct your cue at the cue ball and aim directly at the Aim Ball. Forget about the black ball in this training.
Your eyes will learn to spot the line of the shot with practice repeatedly!
When you remove the Aim Ball, your eyes will better see the line of the shot.

Lesson  2:

Find or correct your eye alignment and see a straight shot as a straight shot with help from the Aim Frame…

Inside the Aim Frame videos, you’ll learn how to find your true vision centre so you can see a straight shot as a straight shot. 
This is more than just about finding your “dominant” eye. It’s about ensuring you’re naturally settling your chin down on the cue in the right position so that you can see the line or point on the object ball clearly.
The Aim Frame will then help you train your eyes to see the line of aim on angles MUCH EASIER.

Join the 676 members of the SnookerGym Facebook community who have seen improvement in their games with products such as the Aim Frame.

Lesson 3:

The Aim Frame will help you learn good cueing and aiming and teach you to get into good habits. You’ll also learn  EFFECTIVE self-diagnosis TECHNIQUES that WILL help improve your game…

You will find when you practice with the Aim Frame, you will miss a lot in the beginning!
Frustrating though that maybe, that’s fine! 
Because, if you stay down on the shot after, and you learn why you missed, you will get closer and closer to the pot.
You will see the line of the shot and pot the ball!
Never get down on the shot and then adjust to what you think is the right line if you think it’s wrong.
Always get up off the shot and do it again.
Even if you do this a lot more in the beginning, what you are doing is right.
Your eyes can learn very quickly with practice what the line of the shot is when you are standing up.

Don’t get the Aim Frame and videos if you’re scared of becoming one of the best potters in your club!

 Like you, I was sceptical at first about the product.
I was struggling with my game and was getting frustrated by missing the finer cuts. But, after using the Aim Frame over a period of weeks, my potting on the more difficult shots got much easier.
I saw I was potting more balls and making higher breaks. Even when I was missing, I was getting much closer to the pots.
Potting finer cuts was the biggest improvement in my game using the Aim Frame.
Knowing where the cue ball is going allows you to make a better decision when deciding what shot to play. You will learn two important things from practising using the Aim Frame.
1)      How to line up the shot on approach – good aiming
2)      How to deliver the cue straight along the line of aim.

Aim Frame: Benefits

Here are those benefits of using the Aim Frame, again!
1)      You will recognise the four angles on a snooker table – MUCH quicker!
2)      Discover and find the line of aim MUCH faster!
3)      Improve your cueing as you self-diagnose your own game!
In a nutshell, poor aiming = poor cueing.
Line-up of the shot right and the cueing takes care of itself. When the body positions itself in the right frame the cue-arm wants to deliver the cue straight.

Buy your Aim Frame & get 2 FREE SnookerZone PDF bonuses on us…

Buy Nic Barrow’s Aim Frame and 30 videos and we’ll give you 2 FREE BONUSES!

Bonus 1 – 4 PROVEN aiming and cueing tips – QUICKSTART to IMPROVEMENT.

In this 20 page PDF, you’ll learn 4 proven tips that will improve your game and these will go well with practising with the Aim Frame!
These 4 proven tips would cost you at least £120 worth of lessons with a coach!
That’s FOUR HOUR’S worth of coaching – FREE!

Bonus 2 – Understanding snooker table geometry FAST & EASIER. 

In this short PDF, we’ll take you through the 3 ESSENTIAL rules of snooker table geometry and why it’s so IMPORTANT to learn and understand this before you even hit a ball on a snooker table.
The benefits of learning table geometry are:
  • It’ll save time learning it yourself
  • It’ll give you an extra dimension to potting angles
  • You’ll be able to get to learn the table MUCH FASTER
  • You’ll come to see the snooker table in a whole new light!

How to get your bonuses now!

To get the two PDF bonuses, send us an email to WITH a PROOF OF PURCHASE RECEIPT OF YOUR AIM FRAME.
We’ll send you a PRIVATE LINK with the BONUS PDFS! They are PASSWORD protected. 
We can’t, however, send you them if you don’t attach a proper PROOF OF PURCHASE RECEIPT ATTACHED in the email…!
No fakes, and no old receipts, please. Only receipts with the current date and year WILL be accepted! 

Start practicing with the Aim Frame and become one of the best potters in your club now!

Don’t buy the Aim Frame if you’re scared to…
  • Beat your highest break to date or your mate’s…
  • Show up your friend and win…
  • Gain better knowledge of angles and paths of the cue ball…
Nic Barrow teaches you all the key steps in the 30 informative Aim Frame videos. Are you ready?
In summary, here’s what you’ll learn with the Aim Frame:
  • How to see the right line of the shot on approach before getting down
  • How to know if you’ve got an aiming or cueing issue after the shot.
  • How to aim in relation to the pocket when standing up from the shot…

The pros and cons of the Aim Frame: 

So, was the Aim Frame worth it? SnookerZone says…YES!
What we like about the aim frame is it tells you exactly what the potting angle is and how to recognise it when you set it up. We like products that are simple and don’t take too much time to work out.
The videos from Nic Barrow are very detailed. He’ll tell you about eye alignment and give you a wealth of information that you’d pay double with to learn initially with a coach!
For the price of roughly one lesson, you’re learning invaluable knowledge right there – WITHOUT having to leave your door!
Now, we’re not saying don’t have coaching. What we are saying is some of what you might learn with a coach as a beginner, you can do with the Aim Frame. Then, you can go and see a coach to fine-tune or look at your game to make sure you are on track at a later date!
We forgot to mention, it’s great that you can pack this product in your ball case and off you go to the snooker club!
The cons: 
The Aim Frame will make you feel a bit frustrated at first because you’ll be missing a lot. And, if you haven’t set the aim ball and cue ball up properly exactly on the lines of the frame you won’t get close to the pot. That part of the setup can be quite “fiddly” at first.
Snooker is a game of cueing and aiming, and you will need to ensure you’re delivering the cue to the centre of the aim ball.
Again, this can be quite frustrating at first, but it is something you’ve got to persevere with! With the Aim Frame, you need to be specific on how you set it up! Again, patience is key, in the beginning. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll come to enjoy it and it will train your eyes to recognise the line of aim. What it’s meant to do!

Aim Frame: Frequently asked questions:

Got a question about the Aim Frame or just want more clarity? If so, then email and we’ll try to answer them best we can.
  1. What is the Aim Frame? The Aim Frame is a patent-pending piece of A4 plastic card. It has on it the four main angles you will need to learn potting angles. Nic Barrow designed it to show the player the right line of aim using what he called an Aim ball. This aim ball is placed on the line of aim with the cue ball. This gets the player to train the eyes to see the line of aim.
  1. Why is there an Aim Ball in the Aim Frame? The Aim Ball is used as a reference guide for the line of the potting angle you decide to select for practice. This is to help show you where you need to be lined up in order to pot the ball in question. It helps you to memorise the line of the shot when the Aim Ball is removed from the position. Snooker is a game of memory. Often, you must rely on your memory to discover where you were best positioned on a previous similar shot.
  1. Who can use the Aim Frame? Anyone who is struggling to find the right line of the shot and not understanding potting angles.
  1. Will the Aim Frame work with pool? We recently had a question from someone asking if the Aim Frame worked with pool.

Here’s our response: “The aim frame product is more about the three key principles outlined in the copy. If you applied those principles to pool, then you’d be on the road to becoming a better player. The aim frame has a selection of 30 great videos that explain the process of aiming so you would need to watch those videos to understand how it works in practice. The Aim Frame is more about the principles than the product itself… The three key principles can be (and should be) applied to any cue sport.”

  1. Why choose the Aim Frame? The Aim Frame is a unique product because there is no other product on the market like it. It explains and shows you the four main potting angles in snooker which no other product does like it. This is different to the Ghost Ball theory in snooker and is unique in coaching!
  1. Will the Aim Frame improve my game? This all depends on you and how much time you put into practice with this tool. It is up to you how much effort you put into the game! You get out, what you put in!
What do you get with your Aim Frame?
  • You get the patent-pending piece of A4 card the Aim Frame… You’ll get at least 30 instructional videos from Nic Barrow.These will show you everything you need to know how to get the most out of this great product.
  • 78 page PDF on Aiming and Sighting! You can download this and print it off for reference and understand how your eyes see a shot with a detailed explanation of how your eyes work from a snooker angle!
  • 38 pages PDF on just aiming – basically a text version of videos with a few extra tips inside! Again, you can download and print at your leisure!
  • Access to the SnookerGym Facebook community where you can share tips and advice with others on how to improve yours and others games.
  • Loads of bonuses courtesy of Nic Barrow…
  • Previews of Nic’s other products inside the SnookerGym, including the Ultimate Training Ball, the 123’s of Snooker, basic videos, AND his full video encyclopedia of 160 training videos!
  1. Who else has been using the Aim Frame? Many have used the Aim Frame and have said the product was a great idea! They said it helped them see the line of the shot and understand potting angles. For me, it helped with finer cut shots to get closer to the pot and understand where to sight a finer cut…
  1. How much does the Aim Frame cost and where can you get it?  Around £30. You can get it directly through product owner Nic Barrow.

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