Ng On Yee Scoops Second Australian Open Title…

Ng On Yee Scoops Second Australian Open Title…

GLOBAL SNOOKER STAR Ng On Yee has scooped the 2023 Australian Women’s Open title defeating up-and-coming Indian Amee Kamani 4 – 1 in the final in Sydney.

The 32-year-old reached the final of the Australian Open in 2019 but was the winner of the event in 2018.

The three-time World Champion recently knocked in a ton (108) in the fast and furious Snooker Legends 900 but had that beaten by Michael Holt in Week Four, and continues to be one of the leaders of the women’s game promoting the great game of snooker around the world.

Kamani, 31, defeated another star of the game Thailand’s Magic Mink Nutcharut, a World Champion, as Kamani has only started competing in 2017.

She reached the quarter-finals of the UK Women’s Snooker Championship this season but lost out to another Thai Siripaporn 3 – 1.

It would appear Kamani is another real prospect to go on and win main-ranking event silverware at some point in the near future.

Top Australian star Jessica Woods lost in the semi-finals to On Yee. 

Congratulations to those who competed in the event.






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