New Snooker Training Tool Gives You No Fear of Potting

Rob Reed with Jason Ferguson…(Photo courtesy of Rob Reed)…

WPBSA coach Rob Reed has finally released his new snooker training aid the Ghost Ball Potting Aid. 

After months of testing in the wings, Reed has launched the new aid which helps players see the potting angle better under his new company the CueZone.

The aid is a simple but easy to use no bells and whistles snooker training aid which helps players (particularly beginners) understand where to strike the object ball when potting balls and wipes off years of learning potting.

You don’t need any technical knowledge to set this up as it’s literally a place the aid on the table and you can immediately start potting balls. You will in the process be training your eyes in learning which spot to strike on the object ball in your pursuit of potting excellence. Just place it anywhere on the table and begin!

The updates included in the live version include (see pic below):

  • The circle where the ghost ball sits is slightly lighter in color than the original.
  • Also, there is now a part in the potting aid where you can cut it and it will show you exactly where the spot is you need to hit the cue ball onto the object ball in order to pot the ball.
New on the Market: The Simple but effective Ghost Ball Potting Aid the Live Version…

Read SnookerZone’s review before it was even released officially, and see it in action, here…

Benefits of GBPA

Here are five great reasons to pick up your copy of the GBPA today!

  • It’s the size of a credit card and can easily fit in your pocket, cue case or snooker ball case…so take it anywhere with you and start using it immediately…
  • Instantly place it on the table and start potting from any angle in seconds
  • Struggling to find the angles on fine cuts? Use the GBPA and train your eyes on where the cue ball needs to contact the object ball…
  • Imagine the thrill of beating your highest break in just a few sessions of practice
  • Dazzle your friends the next time you play with them as you start potting tougher shots they never imagined you would get!

Forget about complicated potting gadgets – just pick up a Potting Aid and get down to one of the most important aspects of snooker and that’s potting! Cut 20 years of toil down to just a few months of intense potting practice using this tool and improve your knowledge of potting in just a few sessions on the snooker table!

SnookerZone’s catchphrase right now is…!

The snooker table holds no fear!

Now you can have no fear of potting balls on a snooker table as Rob Reed’s Ghost Ball Potting Aid is here! RIGHT HERE! So get it now while stocks last!





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