New Review for 2021: Taylor Made Raw Snooker Tips…

New Review for 2021: Taylor Made Raw Snooker Tips…

A few weeks ago…

SnookerZone reviewed the new Taylor Made Original tips from Gary Taylor.

We recommended these tips highly.

Now, we took Taylor’s new Taylor Made Raw tips for a test drive over the weekend, and here’s our verdict…


We’ve reviewed all kinds of tips since 2018. Hards, Mediums, Softs, Extra Hards, and these new Taylor Made Raw tips fall into the very soft category.

When we took Andrew Pagett’s Extra Hard Exotic tips for a test drive, we were absolutely overwhelmed by how hard those tips were. They were rock solid! It’s good when a tip that says Extra hard, is indeed Extra hard. Vice versa, when it’s labelled as soft or extra soft, it is indeed that. Some tips have a different feel even though they have a grade label.

Read our review of the AP Exotic’s here…

These TMR’s on the other hand, are very soft, even though they are labelled soft/medium.

As for SnookerZone’s key tests. Did they pass?

  1. These tips were easy to put on without any awkward trimming!
  2. They were very easy to shape, although because of their softness, we needed to scuff the side walls of the tip a little in order to take off some “fluffy” edges sticking out.
  3. As for price, these tips are very affordable – at the same price as the TMO’s, then you can’t go wrong at all. £7.95. SnookerZone got them off Marc Lockley again of SnookerCrazy.
  4. They produced a good solid spin reaction when using them. So no issues there.
  5. We used Ding Junhui chalk and it spread well on them.
The Taylor MadeRaw tips are designed for a very soft feel…

However, a couple of caveats…

Unusually, we did miscue a couple of times with this tip, and we must warn readers of SnookerZone that if you are not used to a very soft tip or feel, then you might take a while to get used to them.

For SnookerZone, we prefer a slightly harder feel of the tip so we will stick to the TMO’s which we reviewed in the hards.

We chatted briefly to Marc Lockley of SnookerCrazy, who is selling them on behalf of Gary Taylor, who said this of them:

“I have sold many this week to pool players who want a reliable soft tip.”

He added: “They are pressed to a soft/ medium feel, so for players who want a soft tip, this is it!”

With tips, it’s personal preference, and all comes down to your own feel. You’re either a player who likes a medium to hard tip or someone who likes the feel of a soft. Try out a few tips to get the feel that suits you. You’ll know when the right feeling comes. Some players like extra hard or soft feels!

Marc Lockley added: “If you like hard, you like hard. Personally, I like medium, so everything else will feel foreign.”

If you missed our review of the TMO’s, then catch up below.

Read the lowdown on the Taylor Made Originals here – now!

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