New Review for 2021: Cymru Cues Snooker Tip Sealer…

New Review for 2021: Cymru Cues Snooker Tip Sealer…

What is Snooker Tip Sealer? And how does it work?

Seal the edges of your tip and prolong the life of your snooker tip…

When you stick on a snooker tip and begin to trim, you will notice the sides “open” up, and on blue chalky tips, the pores open and can change the shape of the tip if you use the tip a lot and don’t maintain it well.

One way to keep the sides in check is to seal the edges and then burnish to make the sides hard and shiny. If you do this regularly, the shape of the tip will not mushroom or change and will keep its shape better.

You can, of course, use saliva to wet the edges around the tip and then use a burnisher – to harden them and make them polished.

Browse snooker tip burnishers here

Or, you can use the proper tip sealer which SnookerZone received from Cymru Cues, whom we have reviewed their professional snooker tips and highly recommend them.

Gareth Aries sent us a FREE sample of the tip sealer for SnookerZone to try which comes with a FREE bud applicator to aid the process.

Application of the snooker tip sealer process is easy.

  1. squeeze a small drop/s (not too many) and apply to the bud applicator
  2. Apply around the edges of your tip, carefully
  3. Leave for a few mins to dry
  4. Then burnish with a good burnisher

After you’ve applied the sealer, you will notice the tip edges will have gone dark and sealed up. Exactly what’s needed.

Then, as in step 4, you just need to burnish well with a good tip burnisher to make the edges hard and polished. Then, you’re ready for play! Don’t forget to shape your tip!

Is snooker tip sealer worth it?

Well, SnookerZone can say that it’s done what it’s supposed to have done, which was to seal the edges and made the tip easier to burnish. Of course, if you use saliva, you never know if you’re getting the right amount on and whether it’s actually the right liquid to do the job. Having said that, we’ve been doing the ugly saliva thing with sealing edges for a while, and it hasn’t affected the tips we’ve played with.

SnookerZone was also sent a hard tip from Cymru cues which we used as a tester to see how the edges would go with the new tip sealer. We were impressed with the ease of the process.

It’s a simple product really, not much to it, and there’s quite a lot in the bottle, so for under £4 it will last a while! Well worth the cost.

All we can say is Cymru cues do some great products and Gareth Aries is very helpful in his customer service we’ve encountered so far.

You can browse his shop on the shops we like link in the SnookerZone menu…

However, it is also available on eBay if you prefer shopping on there.

Go here now…

Just to note, we’re not affiliated in any way to the shops we like link in our menu bar. We just feel there’s some great products on there at very affordable prices.

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