New Review for 2021: Cymru Cues Pro Snooker Tips…

New Review for 2021: Cymru Cues Pro Snooker Tips…

SnookerZone reviews Cymru Cues Professional Snooker Tips. But what did we think?

Well, now, we managed to get hold of some tips NEW from Cymru cues in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

They arrived a few days ago and were in a neatly packaged tin labeled Cymru Cues Professional Snooker Cue Tips.

Neatly packaged. Less is more…

On the website, the spiel was…

Cymru Cues have produced many new products including our very own Professional Cue Tips!!

We have been researching and experimenting for many years to find a consistent cue tip which will also hold its shape and chalk, and after many years, we believe we have done this.

These are a Brand New Cue Tip that we have had manufactured to our very own specifications which come in four different grades which are: Soft, Soft-Medium, Medium & Hard Grade with Amazing Grip and Feel! And are perfect for Snooker or English Pool.

They are Premium Quality Single Layer Grade A Pressed Leather Tips, Every Tip has been checked and tested for quality & optimum consistency.

So, SnookerZone ordered (off Ebay) as that’s where we first came across them originally, the mediums.

However, when we received them, the product owner Gareth Aries chucked in a FREE soft/medium tip, so we gave this one a go first. We will review the medium at a later date.

As SnookerZone readers may know from our previous posts, trying out tips is a personal preference, and it depends on what kind of feel you like.

SnookerZone generally likes a harder feel of tip and so we were wondering what the feel of tip this would be as some tips say they are a soft, etc, but feel more like a medium. Some hard tips can actually feel more like a medium.

The only tips we’ve come across so far on our tip travels that are exactly what they say they are, are the AP Exotic tips where a hard and an extra hard feel really are what they say on the tin!

So, back to these…

The Cymru Cues professional cue tips were lovely to put on and trim. There were no problems there.

The soft/medium we thought would be too soft for our kind of feel, but we were surprised. For our feel, they felt more like a medium than a soft/medium. They were just right!

There was plenty of grip on the cue ball, and when we used it in conjunction with Glygen Contact chalk, the chalk stayed on very well and we didn’t require chalking too much. This chalk seems to hold well on most tips and isn’t as powdery as Taom. Note, we may well be reviewing the new Taom V10 soon. Vroom Vroom.

So stay tuned…

Glygen Contact

For presentation, these tips really do look great. When you open the tin, there is even labels on the back of the tips that tell you what mm they are. They were 10mm.

It’s the little things like this that do matter!

They keep their shape well and they are very good for shaping and trimming.

We’ve reviewed a few snooker tips in 2021.

So, let’s reveal what tips we think would be in our top three in 2021 out of all the ones we’ve reviewed so far. We’ve still got a few more…

  1. AP Exotic tips (really because they really are what they say are on the tin) 
  2. Taylor Made tips original (we didn’t like the new Raws) but the Hards were top draw
  3. Cymru cues pro snooker tips (Yeah, these bad boys come in the third spot and we honestly think these are worthy of a top-three spot because they had a great feel. Great tips at an affordable price. Four in a tin!

There’s currently a sale of these tips on the CC website and they’re also on Ebay. So give ’em a whirl now…

Keep a watch over the next weeks as we review more tips. We’ve currently got in the bag to review…

  1. Kamui
  2. Cue Soul
  3. Tomos leather tips…

Stay tuned…

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