New Review for 2021: Craftsman Pro Cue Snooker Tips…

New Review for 2021: Craftsman Pro Cue Snooker Tips…

What did SnookerZone think of Craftsman Cues Own Brand of Leather Snooker Tips?

We’ve not done a snooker tip review for a while here at SnookerZone, but on our hunt for tips, we always are on the hunt for new ones to try and review, we came across these on Ebay.

They’re from Craftsman Cues in Leeds, their own brand, so we decided to buy them, (they were a tenner) and give them a whirl. Here’s what we thought!

  1. How do the Craftsman Pro Cue tips shape and trim?

Firstly, these tips come in a brown colour and are very much like Talisman Pros. They look VERY similar. When we first received them, two days after purchase, we liked the simplicity of the tin they come in. However, we weren’t sure what grade they were in as there was no mention of it on the tin. There is no mention of the grade on their website. We’re assuming they’re hards – as when we played with one on the weekend, it seemed to feel like a hard, but, it may have been a medium. We like to know what grade of tip we are playing with here at SnookerZone!

As for the putting on and shaping and trimming, no problems! We find the Snooker Tip Sealer we were sent from Gareth Aries at Cymru Cues really helps with helping to burnish tips!

Read ALL about the snooker tip sealer and what it is, here…

2) Did the Taom v10 chalk hold on the Craftsman Pro Cue Tips?

We have been using the V10 now for a while, and we’ve found that every tip we’ve used it on, which, so far, is the Cymru Cues Pro tips medium and hards, spreads like a dream. It did so on this tip as well. Indeed, with the Taom V10, you really can go a few shots without having to chalk. It holds well.

3) How responsive was the Craftsman Pro Cue Tip?

Although this tip does not have mention of what grade it was, and we were assuming it was a hard, it actually felt like a medium/hard. Like we say, it probably is, but we’d like to know. We’re going to ask Craftsman, and we’ll add it to this post when we receive a response.

These tips are very responsive. And felt very controlled by the more power shots. After a two and a half hour knock – they held their shape well and we felt they played well in the session.

4) How much does the Craftsman Pro Cue Tips cost?

Like said, they’re roughly a tenner – just slightly over. And you can get them on Ebay from their store, or on their actual website.

You get 4 tips in a tin which, for a tenner, is very good value indeed.

5) Would we buy these Craftsman tips instead of another brand?

Personally, we prefer the Cymru Cues Pro Tips. 


Mainly because the feel of those tips suited us. We just had a nice feeling when striking the ball with those tips. That is not to say these aren’t good tips, because they are, but we just preferred the feel of those.

In terms of cost, there is not much difference between the Cymru Cues Pro Tips and the Craftsman.

We’d say if you like blue pressed tips, go for the Cymru Cues ones or the Taylor Made.

But, if you like leather snooker tips, then go for these, or the Talisman Pros, which are slightly more expensive.

Try them by going to the website, or…

Catch them on Ebay now!








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