New! Regency Professional Tips: A SnookerZone Favourite…

So, looking around for new tips to try, there’s so many,  I went and had a look at Regency Pro Cue tips. 

Mike Henson sponsored the former English Association of Snooker and Billiards junior events, now the English Partnership for Snooker and Billiards.

So, I took them for a whirl on the weekend of the 29/30th September 2018 and here’s the verdict.

Firstly, the tips come in a neatly presented round tin and you get four in a box. Like Century Pro Cue tips, you’re able to choose when you order them from ebay what type of tip you want.

You have the choice of choosing either a 9mm or a 10mm tip in…

  • Supersoft
  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Hard

According to the marketing, these tips from Mike Henson are similar to Elk pros, though not as expensive as Elk pros!

For four tips a tin of Regency’s will cost you just under eight quid (£7.95). Not a bad price for tips!

Initial Impressions of Regency Pro Cue Tips

Affordable quality! Regency Pro Cue Tips

They are pale blue in colour and on sticking one on, it was one of the easier tips to stick on. It was also very easy to shape, and I shaped the tip in under 5 mins!

Taom chalk seemed to spread well on it, and give the tip a nice even coating! A bonus with the tips is you get a FREE tip shaver.

Shaving off the excess tip from the cue ferrule was also as easy as pie! On some tips such as Elks, shaving off the excess tip can be a nightmare!

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How the Regency Tip played…

SnookerZone ordered a 10mm medium. Having been a fan of Century tips G2, it’s difficult to find a tip that is on a par with Century. But these are!

The Regency tip 10mm played out well in the session. There was plenty of spin generated from the tip and it didn’t take long to get used to it. If you’re looking for a quality tip at an affordable price with all the specs of Century, then this is the one!


Phil Thoms emailed SnookerZone to second our thumbs up verdict  about Regency Tips: 

“These tips are the most consistent I have used in recent years.
They are very similar to the ‘older type ElkMaster’ that most of us used some years ago, and they are graded which is an advantage to any snooker player and another plus factor is the affordable price. Great value all round.”

For playability, SnookerZone rates the tip four stars out of five!

For ease of sticking on and general maintenance, five stars!

Looking to know a bit more about snooker cue tips?

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