NEW – Lynch’s CueBalm: Did SnookerZone like it?…

NEW – Lynch’s CueBalm: Did SnookerZone like it?…

In snooker…

Some players often get sweaty hands and sticky cues and feel nervous in their cueing and their mindset.


This can lead to a far from smooth cue delivery and stress on the player. As the anxiety grows, so too can the stickiness and sweat.

But not if you apply Lynch’s CueBalm on your cue. This new product was received gratefully for SnookerZone to review and here’s our verdict.

But first, a bit about the product. Lynch’s CueBalm is not just a cue cleaning product. It’s purpose is to make your cueing experience much smoother and relax the player in the process.


The CueBalm Experience… 

Well, it infuses the wax-based product with essential oils, so, if you apply it to your cue, the smell of those oils will linger on the cue and the fragrances will help relax the player whilst cueing at the table.

When SnookerZone received the product sample, first-class delivery, the first thing was to smell the product. It’s an aromatic smell and quite sweet. It did make SnookerZone feel relaxed, even just by sticking our nose in the tin!

There’s not a lot to the product application, really.

  • Take a small amount of the wax in a cloth from the tin and gently apply it evenly on the cue.
  • Rub it down well and leave it for a few seconds or so.
  • Then, buff with the cloth well.

You will notice an instant difference to the smoothness of the cue. And, the smell of the essential oils will be very potent.

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Did CueBalm give a smooth and relaxed experience on the table?

SnookerZone went to Woking Snooker Centre for the first time in four months since the Coronavirus pandemic struck in March and lockdown was announced.

It was already going to be a nervous experience, what with the new measures that snooker clubs and indeed ALL businesses are experiencing as well as not knowing what to expect from a return to our snooker table experience. We were already feeling nervous as well from not knowing how we were going to play on the table.

However, from the playing point of view, it wasn’t a disaster by any means!

The Lynch’s CueBalm made our cueing experience much smoother and relaxed. SnookerZone suffers from sweaty hands and we’ve already reviewed a product that takes the pressure off that. But it’s nice to know there is a product that can also help relax a player as well as make cueing a lot smoother.

As the website suggests, smoother cueing = a calmer mind. Or maybe it’s the other way around? Getting your mind relaxed prior to practice and calming yourself is no bad thing. Regardless of whether it’s just a practice session or, indeed, before a match. Lynch’s CueBalm won’t provide miracles with your game. That is down to you and practice! But, anything that helps ease the burden and helps calm your mind, and smooth your cueing delivery is to be welcomed!

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CueBalm and Pricing: Worth it?…

At just over a tenner for a tin, SnookerZone would say if you’re someone who plays very regularly, this may well be a product you will get regularly. Possibly at least two tins a month. The tin is quite small.

Is it worth it?

If you’re someone like SnookerZone who suffers nerves and anxiety (at the best of times) then this may be the product for you.

But if you feel you generally don’t need something like this, then SnookerZone would advise against it. It’s up to you.

Would SnookerZone recommend it?

Absolutely. Like we say, if you are someone who is naturally nervous and anxious, anything that can help ease the tension is a help. Again, it’s up to you. We just show you the door. It’s up to you if you want to open it and walk-in or not!

Enjoy your snooker…


PS: Get started: Try CueBalm here now…

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