New Interview 2023: Claudia Ene…

New Interview 2023: Claudia Ene…

Snooker referee Claudia Ene says her memorable experience at Woking earlier this year when the World Disability groups rolled in was one of her most memorable moments since coming into refereeing snooker.

The 41-year-old from Warwickshire has always had a passion for watching the game and the final at Woking lasted 7 hours she said.

“It was such an incredible experience.”

“I have played snooker, and I do try to go to the local snooker club and improve my skills,” she added

“The beauty of snooker is it is such a learning day. I think one could work hard and learn new skills every day.”

Ene’s local snooker club is Atack Snooker Club and she said she can’t thank the English Partnership for Snooker and Billiards EPSB enough for giving her the opportunity to referee across different snooker clubs and tournaments.

“I think everything is changing in snooker with every generation.”

“Every player is my favourite player from professional to local league player. Their contribution to the sport is invaluable and without them snooker would not exist.”

She adds that from top down their needs to be appreciation of the hard work and talent.

Ene said she would like to referee at as many venues as possible, but The Crucible is a dream for every player, fan, or referee to referee at.

Why should people go and play snooker, asks SnookerZone?

Ene comments: “snooker helps with improving social skills. It is beneficial for mental health. It’s scientifically proved to help with concentration and maths, she added.

“It’s one of the most interesting sports that can help everyone improve their confidence and develop friendships.”

Away from snooker, Ene likes both Italian and Indian food.

Now that summer is in full bloom, Wimbledon tennis is on and Ene is also a keen tennis fan.

“I am a big supporter of Andy Murray. I can’t wait to see what Wimbledon has in store for all of us.”

Back in May, Belgium’s Luca Brecel scooped the World Snooker Championship at the Crucible.

Thanks to Claudia Ene for taking the time to get some words in. Good luck with your refereeing.

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