New Fun Interactive Snooker SIte Released for Fans Where You Can Win




Century Cue Tips
A Winner: Century Pro Cue Tips

A new fun snooker site has been released to keep fans occupied with competitions where fans can win great prizes such as Century Pro Cue tips.

Sportillaneous is an interactive portal where fans enter competitions such as Guess the Player, Guess Where the Cue Ball is Going and other mini competitions.

Website Founder Graham Brindley said: “The idea for the site came about because we sell online snooker and pool consumables like tips and chalk, tip shapers etc and we have a very large customer base which we will start to mail to about the site. I set up the Twitter account to help spread the word and reach the players who don’t currently buy from us.”

Products include the popular Century tips and Grand Cue tips

It’s free to sign up to.



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