New Format for Nottingham Club Tournament Goes Down Well…

ANYONE who’s running snooker club tournaments will know how tough it is for clubs to make a return on investment or break even.

But one tournament in the County of Nottinghamshire has experimented with a new format which seemed to have gone down well at the Hucknall Open where the ninth installment occurred last weekend at the Spot On Snooker Club in Bulwell. 

It was eventually won by Antony Moore.

The format was simple.

Losers would pay for the table, and their £5 entry fee would be refunded when they lost their first match.


However long a match lasted, a losing player would probably end up paying slightly more than a fiver, or slightly  less.

Steve Butler, Nottingham Snooker Tournament Director, who won the event before Moore, on the Nottingham Snooker website, said this: “This new format was clearly a success, both for the competitors and for the club. I feel it is very important that clubs make some money from these tournaments and I no longer expect a club to provide tables free of charge. We all know a player will happily come to a tournament, play all day and not buy any food or drinks. I think we can all agree that this is of no benefit to the clubs, who have had a difficult time of late.”

He added: “The most expensive match was the semi-final between Antony Moore and Terry Dowson, which cost Terry £12.52. However, this was a five frame match and Terry played a total of 11 frames over the course of the tournament, so he enjoyed excellent value for money.

The Nottingham area has plenty of snooker events and coach Brian Cox won the Nottingham Masters back in 2012.

The Nottingham Snooker website is worth a read…

And…a young Kyren Wilson was also involved in the Nottingham scene as a youngster…WATCH BELOW…






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