New for 2022: UK Open 9 Ball Pool…

New for 2022: UK Open 9 Ball Pool…

AS British player Judd Trump works his way through this year’s 2021 US Open pool tournament in Atlantic City, creating a first for a snooker player from the modern era to play in a pool event, Matchroom announces that next year London will host a new UK Open event.

The news comes as players get excited about a 256 player field coming to the UK from all areas of the globe, with the added prospect of some British players dusting off their cues to pit their wits on the small table.

From May 17 – May 22nd at the Copper Box Arena, and viewed on Sky Sports in the UK, there could well be a few surprise names from British shores in the line-up as well as from the field of snooker too.

It’s excitement all around?…

Will we see Judd Trump enter the UK Open 9 ball pool event in 2022?

Matchroom Managing Director Emily Frazer said: “We’re looking at the open events now. Three years ago we only had three events in our calendar. Let’s create a calendar where the top players can actually travel and have a full calendar of events and a ranking system. But let’s also give British players an opportunity to step into pool and let’s grow 9-ball, it’s the future of the sport and let’s take pool to the next level.”

A former World Pool Champion Darren Appleton also said: “It’s great for the UK and besides the Matchroom events, we do not have any tournaments in the UK where people think they can play the game and make a living. Stuff like this will bring people out from the woodwork because there’s plenty of talent and they’re all interested in playing. It will be a tough field; it will fill up very quickly. It’s great for the game in the UK.”

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